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What weird and inbred dog are you?
These are the weirdest breeds of dogs out there, which one are you?
personality test

1Do you have a lot of energy?
I`m pumped all the time, I never stop moving...I just keep going and going and going and going.....
I lead a pretty active life, but I`m not bouncing off the walls, like some people.
Not really, I`m more laid back, I just enjoy chilling and being peaceful.
I`m pretty much a bump on a log, all I do is sit around.
2What do you hate the most?
Being cooped up inside my house all alone on a sunny day, thinking of other people having fun
People who are full of themselves, and try to throw it in your face. They keep me on guard.
Nosy annoying people who come up to me and wont stop talking, when I want to be left alone.
People who flirt with my boy/girlfriend when they know he/she is attached, or people who try to take my best friend away from me.
3Are you naturally healthy, or are you cursed with health problems?
The worst is creeping up on me, diseases run in my family, they all die young.....oh woe is me and my ill destiny.
I have some minor annoying or embarrassing discomforts, like skin problems or bloatedness, or having perpetual colds and fevers or bad allergies.
Nope, I`m pretty much compleatly healthy.
4How would you descibe yourself?
Cute and cuddly. Like a teddy bear.
Little and hyper.
Strong and confident.
Dignified and graceful.
5How do/did you treat your parents?
I rebeled rebeled rebeled, I can`t stand athority and I give/gave them hell for it.
We`ve had a rocky realtionship, with lots of fights, but overall I respect them and we have good relationship.
I`m really close with my mom and/or dad. I respect them and want to please them.
6What type of person were/are you in highschool?
I play sports, I am a focused person, and am pretty good looking.
I am into being `different`. I dress myself up very creativly. Some of *those* people think I am a bit of a freak.
I was beyond those highschool stereotypes, and basically marched to my own drum, doing cool things all the groups admired.
I don`t fit into any of these groups, I was awkward in highschool, enough said.
7How strange are you? And is it the good kind?
I`m not strange at all, but I`m cooler than most other people that makes me stand out.
I am strange, yes, but its a strangeness that I have cultivated, like artwork. I`m just ahead of the times.
I have gone too far, I wanted to be the kind described above me, but between you and me, I`ll admit, I failed, and am a freak.
Yes, I`ll admit it, I`m sadly strange, but its not my fault, life has made me this way.
8Pick an animal.
A mouse
A tiger
A Walrus
A lamb
A cow
9How much effort do you need to put in to maintain your appearance?
I spend hours getting my beautiful hair to look just so.
I spend a long time getting myself to look presentable, but its not my fault my body requires so much to get there.
Not much at all, my appearance is pretty simple, I don`t need to do much.
10Pick a type of hair you like.
Long and flowing.
Spiked up.
Soft and fluffy.
Buzzcut or very short.

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