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What classic rock musicans owns your heart!
Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, The Beatles!
personality test

1Lets get it over with, what colors do you see when you pinch yours eyes together?
White fuzzy streeks...
Blues and greens viberated in orange shapes?
I see nothing but the pich black from my pinching!
Orange, Yellow Reds... I was looking at fire!
I don`t understand....:(
I see pictures with all sorts of colors, and feeling a little dizzy!
Pink, Pink, Pink!!! Its all pink to me...
2Who`s vocie could you make love to?
Robert Plant, his sexy screaming makes me want to really scream!
Roger Waters, vocie waters my PINK lips!
BOB DYLAN. I just want to lay lady lay on his big brass bed!
Jimi Hendrix, his vocie is so seductive I feel like a foxy lady!
John Lennon. I`m a old fashion poka dot girl with big red glasses crying his lips on the microphone
3What insturment shakes your tangerine like no other.
Guitar.... I just love those sexy strokes!
Harmonicas tickle my throat...
Pianos keys open my caged heart to fly away with!
Drums beat to my feet and make me dance/headbob...
Bass guitar simply because I like those bass notes!
4Whats your true favorite style of music?
Pop music!
Rock and Roll!
Rap/hip hop...
Alternative Rock...
5Whats your dream job?
Are you kidding I don`t want to ever work, let alone dream about it!
Some kind of Doctor...
Pilot/Air Hostess
A musican duh!
I just want to be a professional hippie living among nature without cost!
6I`m a laid back chick who is quielty decorting my world inside my head, but don`t let that throw you off I`m cool are you?
What the F*ck??
I see, I understand, I totally feel you!
We are like twins man, put in your world so I can meet you man!
Ok, like I don`t get you, but I know I`m cool!
Alrighty then, you do sound pretty cool, but take a break man!
7Your cloths style...
Depends on my mood!
Preppy baby!
Just really sexy!
Jeans and one of my many band tee-shirts!
I try my best to look casual, and be respected!
8Alright then! Bye now, see ya later, will you miss me?
Thank the Lord this over, I`m bored out of my mind!
I`m so going to rate this quiz thumbs up all the way!
Bye now!
See ya later!
Miss you!
I hate this quiz, and I hate you thumbs down!

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