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Which Family Guy character are you?
I can`t believe no one has done this yet.
personality test

1If you discovered that you had accidentally taken a lot of welfare money from honest taxpayers, what would you do to make it up to them?
Drop it from a blimp at the Superbowl
Ask all the women in town if they`d have sex with you if you gave them their money back
Give it back? The city is full of immoral fools. No way would you give it back
Go back in time and stop all those people from being born
Give it all back in the form of horrible make overs that makes everyone look ugly so you look like the prettiest person on the block
2If you lost your son`s birthday party invitations, what would you do to make up for it?
Hijack a parade and lead it to the birthday party
End the birthday and go meet some friends
Make your spouse figure it out
3Would you degrade yourself if it meant some extra money?
Never. That`s humiliating for who you am
Sure. You need to buy a new air conditioning anyway
4If you were to choose between a free boat and a mystery box, which would you choose?
The boat
The mystery box. It could even be a boat!
5If you were to build a bar in your basement, what would most likely be building it for?
A bar for your friends to pass the time
To gather people who could test out your new time machine
You would never build a bar
To score with chicks
6If you could get super powers, what would you use them for?
Use them to get what you want
Use them to fight crime
Just sit there and watch

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