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Which Magnificent Seven member are you?
What type of gunslinger are you? Based on the 1960 movie
personality test

1You`re in between jobs, you`re most likely to be found...
Helping to bury a dead Indian
chopping wood for your breakfast
looking for a new scheme
trying to prove you`re the best, whether you are or not
On the run eating beans in a stable
2This job we`ve got for you. It pays $20 to protect a bunch of peasants from an evil bandit. You in?
In Mexico? Out of US jurisdiction? Let`s go
Right now, 20$ is a lot
I don`t need the money, I`ll do it for the killing/to prove myself to you
Sure beats just drifting
OK, you`re not gonna mention the gold mine, I`ll just find it when I get there
3You arrive at the village. How do you introduce yourself to the villagers?
Call them cowards for hiding
Sit and talk withthe mayor
Look around for the women
pump the locals about why the bad guys REALLY want this town
none of the above
4How do you effectively fight the bad guys?
dress up like one of them and infiltrate their camp
shoot the horse out from under one of them to get one for questioning
Hide, sweat, and hope no one sees me
stand out in the street and confront their leader
none of the above
5What`s your weapon of choice
no guns, just act tough
anything, I can handle it
6Finally, pick a quote. If you don`t see one you like on this page, choose the none of the above for a couple more to pick from
The old man was right. Only the farmers won. We always lose
We deal in lead, friend
But who made us the way we are, huh? Men with guns. Men like Calvera, and men like you... and now me
Well don`t get excited! Now this time squeeze. Slowly, but squeeze. All right now, squeeze. *Squeeze*! I`ll tell you what. Don`t shoot the gun. Take the gun like this, and use it like a club!
none of these, let me see a couple more
7Pick a quote if you didn`t like the others
Gold! Did you say Gold?
Yes. The final supreme idiocy. Coming here to hide. The deserter hiding out in the middle of a battlefield
Nobody throws me my own guns and says run. Nobody

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