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What Kind Of Person Are You?
what kind of person are you, quiz includes cat pictures, lol (e)
personality test

1What would you do at a party?
You would just stand around in the corner
You wouldnt even go
You would dance and party like crazy
You would laugh and entertain people
You would dance and make moves at the girls/boys
you would go talk with somebody who isnt having a good time
Youw ould make fun of some loser
You would go into every room and see whats there
2Somebody is hurt, what do you do?
You ask them what happened?
You try and help them
You laugh at them
You ignore them
You them them that you undertsand how they feel
You try and make them laugh
3Its sunday evening but you have a test tomorow, what do you do?
You go do whatever your friends are doing.
You stay at home
You go out and do whatever you want.
You go have some fun
You lead your friends to some club or party
You go to a friend who is all alone
You study for your test
You go tease kids younger than you
4You have found 50 dolllars laying on the street, what do you do?
You try to find the person who lost it
You stuff it in your pocket and run away laughing
You take it and save it
You spend it on something you want
You and your friends go to a club
You buy a friend a gift
5What is most important to you?
Fitting in
Being the center of attention
Helping your friends
Discovering new things
Having fun
scoring chicks / meeting cute guys
Being somebody that people look up to
Picking on little kids for fun
6How would you like to live?
With a friend
With all your friends
With a hot girl/cute guy
With people who need your help
Doing whatever you want
As the boss of everybody else

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