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What piece of clothing are YOU in MY closet???
What role do YOU play in my closet, young one? *Your cue to stare in awe*
personality test

1You come home one day and your mom is sitting at the table preparing to ask you about the drugs she found under the pillow. What do you do?
Break down crying trying to covince her it was all an alien conspiracy.
Look wide eyed and studder, cursing at yourself silently for not preparing for this better.
2You go to class one day and someone humiliates you. How do you react when you see this person the next day?
Ruin their things but make sure no one finds out it was you
Humiliate them 10 times worse in a *non violent* way in public
Chase them home and then corner them, saying threats and sending evil glares.
Beat them up and teach them a much need lesson.
Try to talk things over and invite them over to your place to talk things over while exploring Narnia.
3Someone invites you to a party, what is your response?
"Oh my dear goodness, but Im afraid I have a meeting with Rasputin. " *giggles*
"Oh...uh...umm...I mean....ye..yeah...wow..."
" Why of course! I wouldnt miss it for the world. Arent you just the sweetest!"
"Me? Come to YOUR prep party? Yeah right %@$#!"
"Awesome! We can have time to GOSSIP!..."
4You are walking down the street when a chill breeze goes by. What is most likely to happen?
You end up flashing the entire town. Damn that light weight fabric!
Your hair gets out of place and you pick a fight with the wind.
You look down at your feet and realise they are thousands of feet up off the ground. Only a few more minutes until you reach Mordor!
You keep walking. Who cares about a little bit of wind?
You feel light headed and fall over. The force of the wind was far too much!

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