As I said in  my previous quiz,I was going to make sumtin like that.Oh,and maybe date sakura will be next,I'm not sure,but be prepared for date kakashi too! (e) Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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On a date with Hinata!
As I said in my previous quiz,I was going to make sumtin like that.Oh,and maybe date sakura will be next,I`m not sure,but be prepared for date kakashi too! (e)
personality test

1So,you are walking around the forest when Hinata falls (beaten) in front of you.She wakes up and you...
say "Why hello there.Hinata,right?"
Say "are you OK,need help?"
Help her get up
2Hinata and you talk about stuff,but when she says "Naruto-kun..." she stops and starts crying.The only thing you can do is...
Hug her,so she could feel safer and calm down
Wait until she calms down
Tell her to relax and imagine falling blossomes in spring
Try to calm her down by talking nice things
3On the other day,you go back to the forest and see Hinata.She says "I`ve been waiting for you..."
You hug her and kiss her cheek,then you ask "Something wrong?"
You go close to her,and say shy voice "A beautifull girl looks better smiling"
Grab her hands and say "please,don`t cry,you make me sad"
4After she calms down,she explains to you that she found out that Naruto-kun likes Sakura-kun.After you think for a while,you tell her that...
Naruto isn`t good enough for her
Crying about that is silly
You are here for her no matter what
Theres no need to cry
5After you go home,Ino comes to your door and starts kissing you.The door opens and Hinata sees you.After Ino stops.You explain to Hinata that...
Its not what it looks like
Ino is crazy
Sasuke made Ino sad so she wasn`t realy feeling OK
You oppened the door and Ino attacked you
You love her and you would never kiss another girl exept by accident,wich just happende
Ino is just too pretty
Ino didn`t took her medicine
You tought it was you at the door instead of ino so you are sorry
6Hinata explains that she asked ino to do this to see what will you do.She is realy sorry that she made you go trought all this...
compliment ino on her act
compliment Hinata on her idea
compliment both on their teamwork
7After that,you go out and Hinata tells you about her cousin,Kye Hyuuga.You go to her house and meet her
Say hello to her,while taking her clothes off with eyes
Say hello and ask her if shes bisy tonight
Say hello and don`t think much about how pretty she is,focus on Hinata
Say hello,while thinking how foolish you were liking Hinata,this chic`s hot!
Say hello while taking Hinata`s clothes off with eyes
8So,Hinata needs to go home so she asks you to go to her plase with her,so she isn`t alone on the way.
Sure thing!
OK,I`m not going to leave you alone i nthe dark...its too dangerous
Ok,I`ll go with you
9You finaly reach her house.Hinata remembers that you were realy nice and she forgot about how sad she was before you came...
Kiss her forehead and do a victory dance while she isn`t looking
Kiss her on the mouth and hold her
Smile at her and hug her
10Hinata hugs you,but the door opens and neji comes out.Hes angry at you."What do you think youre doing with my sister???"He says.
Shes not your sister,now leave us alone!
I`m kissing her.Have a problem with that?
I love her and you can`t change that!
If you think you can try to stop me youre wrong,you big @$$!
11"Sorry Hinata,you have to go training.As for you,next time we meet I won`t be so nice..."Hinata hugs you goodbye and goes in with neji.But right before that,she says "thank you",and in return you say
I love you
Yeah I know
Thank you too
You`re my sunshine

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