Your results could be Temari, Sakura, Hinata, Tenten, or Ino.

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What Naruto girl are you?
Your results could be Temari, Sakura, Hinata, Tenten, or Ino. (e)
personality test

1What kind of weapon would you use?
Kunai, everyone else uses them.
Any kind I could get my hands on!
Giant fan
My hands, who needs a weapon!
Um…I’d rather avoid fighting…. but if I have to my hands and a Kunai.
2Your walking in a forest, at night, and you see a ninja, you….
Hide behind a bush before they see you, I don’t want to break a nail
Stand your ground and fight!
Attack them right away, before they can even defend themselves.
Act tough, and hope they will run away.
Hide behind a tree and examine your enemy.
3False alarm, it was Naruto.
Ops, sorry I attacked you ^.^
Naruto what are you doing out here in the middle of the night? I almost killed you!
*Continues to kill him*
*Face turns red *
It would have been cooler if it was Sasuke ^.^
4Naruto left and you went to an all girls’ party. You were playing truth or dare it’s your turn, you…
Do dare, I’m not afraid cha!!!!
Do dare, it’s not that bad…I’m not a little sissy
Um...truth…wait dare…wait…um…either one’s fine
Dare, it’s fun ^.^
Do dare, only because your rival did it.
5After truth or dare, it’s time to sleep, you…
Go right to sleep, I need my rest…after all tomorrow I’m training.
Go to sleep, I’ll need it my little brother always keeps me awake.
Go to sleep, how else am I going to get beautiful?
Stay up, and when no ones looking you look at your hidden picture of Sasuke.
Go to sleep and dream about Naruto or Kiba.
Go to sleep and dream about Sasuke.
6The Sleepover is over, and it’s time to train you…
Get up right away, Yay training time!
Train who needs it, I rock!
Ewww training it’s so annoying…I mean I just got my beauty sleep!
Um... I have to go to training.
Slowly wake up; I didn’t get much sleep last night.
I hate training, Naruto’s such a loser…but then again Sasuke ^.^
7Trainings over you…
Ask Sasuke if you can walk home with him.
Train even more!
Training’s over cool, I never went ^.^
Look for Sasuke, but you can’t find him…were dose Kakashi train?
Walk home…
Walk home carefully avoiding Naruto.
8What’s your favorite way to attack?
Swinging my fan and watching people fly ^.^
Doing flips in the air while releasing my scroll.
I don’t like fighting, I heal people ^.^
Taking over people’s bodies, maybe I’ll walk around as Sasuke ^.^
I don’t like to fight but I will use my byakugan!
9Which of the following words describes you most?
Hard working
10Did you like this quiz?
I loved it!
It was ok...

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