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What kind of drunk are you?
If you drink, that is. If you don`t, you get to play pretend.
personality test

1It is Saturday night and you are getting ready to go out. What do you decide to wear?
Something that makes me look so HOT, because I want people to notice me.
Black. All black.
Jeans and a t-shirt, or something equally comfortable.
It really doesn`t matter, because I don`t give a damn what people think of me.
2So where are you planning to go, anyway?
To a riotous house party, where all my many friends will be.
To a quiet bar where I can hold a conversation with people.
Someplace where I can meet (or pick up) someone new.
I don`t much care as long as there`s plenty of booze.
I didn`t really want to go out but my friends are dragging me.
3You haven`t officially started partying yet. But have you already started drinking?
No, I`m saving my energy for later.
4If I found you at the bar, where in the bar would you be?
In the back in a large group - We`re in our own world and having a roaring good time.
Just sitting around with my drink. What else would I be doing?
Making friends with some random person, probably. Have you met my new friend?
In the bathroom, trying to get out the beer I spilled on my pants.
I`m taking shots. No time to lose here.
5It`s karaoke night! What are your feelings on this?
Ooh, let`s go! We can sing a duet!
Last time I tried karaoke, I tripped going on stage and knocked over the machine. Bad news.
I`m oblivious to anything going on around me.
I love karaoke! My friends and I like heckling those morons on stage.
Oh, man. I hope no one tries to get me up there.
6Which of these components matter most to you when choosing a drinking establishment?
Atmosphere and the crowd.
Drink specials.
How hot the waitstaff is.
Whether the bartenders are welcoming, because I like a friendly ear.
7Do you like raging parties?
Hell no!
I`m neutral.
8Do you like bass-thumping dance clubs?
Hell no!
I`m neutral.
They`re too cramped and hectic.
9Uh oh, there`s a barfight. To what degree are you involved?
I started it, and if you know what`s good for you, you`ll let me finish it too.
I`m taking advantage of this rare opportunity to throw some chairs.
I`m trying to pull people off each other.
I`m watching with disgust from a safe distance.
Fight? I`m just looking for the bathroom.
10Last call - You don`t have to go home, but you can`t stay here.
I am going home, because I`m staggering drunk.
I don`t remember last call.
I may do something with this person I just met tonight.
I`m moving the party to a 24-hour diner down the street.
Actually, I am just going home.
11At some point, you go to sleep. Where do you wake up?
In my bed.
In someone else`s bed.
On the floor.
In the car.
I don`t know.
12How do you feel when you wake up?
Like having another drink.
In pain. What did I do to myself last night?
I feel just fine.

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