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Which career is right for you?
Life`s decisions can be difficult. Take my quiz and find out which career is right for you!
personality test

1What do you do for fun?
Listen to music, read, write, dance....
Whatever everyone else is doing at the time
I like to be violent!
Sit around and look pretty
Sort through garbage bins.
2Are you educated?
Oh, look! A MONKEY!
Is everyone else?
My favorite subject was science!
Although I already knew all there is to know about my craft, I went to school for it anyway.
I don`t feel like answering your questions.
3Are you beautiful?
I`m so hot!
I`m okay. Average.
A monkey!
I`m ugly. I will exact my revenge on the world now!
Why does it matter?
4Is money important to you?
Is it important to everyone else?
Uhh... duh!
When I am the supreme leader of the world, I`ll have all of the money I need!
Not really. As long as I`m happy.
5Which is the most important?
Total Domination
My Awesome Hottness
What`s most important to everyone else?
Bringing happiness and enlightenment to the world.
Going through garbage.
6Would you mind bein followed by reporters/papparazzi?
Why would it matter? I`ll just have them offed if they bother me
I wouldn`t mind at all!
Does everyone else want to be followed by reporters?
I would prefer to be secluded
Uh, I wouldn`t see the photos, unless they were in a newspaper someone threw away.
7Do you want to be envied?
What people decide to feel is up to them. I`m not a person to be envied.
Duh! I`m hot!
I will destroy all who envy me!
Envy? Me? Don`t touch my garbage!
Does everyone else want to be envied?
8Do you want to be in control of everything around you?
I want to make wars.
I will end the world with my atomic bombs
I`m hot.
I control the garbage!
I believe in peace and tranquility

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