Are you good, evil, lawful, neutral, chaotic. Find out now, in the least sucky quiz made in the last 10 minutes:-) Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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What "Dungeons and Dragons" alignment are you?
Are you good, evil, lawful, neutral, chaotic. Find out now, in the least sucky quiz made in the last 10 minutes:-)
personality test

1Which of the following "occupations" appeals to you the most? Be serious.
Serial Killer
2Is Dungeons and Dragons Satanic?
3If there was a famine in your area, what would you do about food?
Give everything I could possibly spare to others even if I went without food!
Eat as little as I needed to survive, giving everything else to others
Steal food from others so I could survive.
Hoard everything I could get my hands up and set up a black market.
Try to do things about the same as before without helping or hurting others.
4If your friend comitted a serious crime and you were a witness would you tesity against them in court when asked?
Yes. If they committed a crime and I know about it, it is my duty to testify against them!
Yes, though I would try to keep my testimony ineffective.
I would refuse to testify against my friend.
No, I would join the defense team defending my friend, instead.
Maybe... if they wouldn`t be jailed, and if I was rewarded.
5What one word sums you up best? (I know you might want to pick all five. Pick one, please!)
6How do you feel about the political situation in your country?
Revolution NOW!
We need some real change here.
Work within the system to change it. Don`t antagonize potential supporters with angry slogans.
I suport the status quo.
I don`t know, to be honest.
7What is more important to you: justice or fairness?
Both are very important to me!
Justice drives me. I don`t have an opinion either way on fairness.
Justice. Fairness is for pussies.
I care about fairness. Justice isn`t as important to me.
Fairness. Justifce is just the way those on top stay on top.
8What is more important to you: Duty or Kindness?
Out of those two choices, I guess I`d say Kindness. I really just hate duty.
They`re both of some importance to me, but neither value dominates my life.
I am cruel, so I guess duty is more important.
Neither. I live for the greater good... of my pocket.
I`m just clicking here because I`m a moron. Ihh, Ihh, Ihh.
9Do video games cause children to shoot each other?
10If you were offered $100 million dollars to murder someone you barely knew, would you do it?
Never! And I`d turn in the person who suggested that I do it.
No, but I`d hesitate for a moment due to the money involved...
Well... $100 million... would I be able to get away with it? Hmm... I`d be tempted...
Yes, for that kind of money, I`d do it. :-)
Hell, I`d do it for free.
11Do you respect the Moderators of
No. They`re all corrupt. They have power. Power corrupts. QFT!
No, I`m skeptical of them. and I`ve had my run ins I suppose.
They`re just people doing their jobs. I don`t care!
I support them. They are cool people.
I support them. If they were chosen to be mods, they deserved it and we should respect them!
12When you do something that is really bad, how do you feel about it? (I mean like really immoral, not just minor things.)
When I do something bad I feel a lot of guilt for a long time. I try to be good.
I feel guilt, but some of that may be how I was raised and not 100% innate on my part.
Not really. I don`t really feel bad or good about it. Don`t like to think about actions in terms of good or bad.
I get a pretty good feeling when I do something that is really bad.
Yes. I love being bad... that`s one of my main reasons for living.
13Last question. How do you spell the word ridiculous/rediculous?

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