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Which Big Ten school fits you?
The best Universities are in the midwest. Find out which one fits your personality the best.
personality test

1How do you like to dress?
Only the height of fashion for me!
It depends on where I`m going. I can fit in just about anywhere.
Jeans and cowboy hats, baby!
Who cares what I`m wearing? It`s all gonna get messy when I`m partying tonight!
2Where would you like to live?
Only the big cities do it for me.
Somewhere with lots of scenery, maybe some nice hills.
Secluded, but within driving distance of fun stuff.
The middle of nowhere
A place where they don`t check IDs very closely when we buy alcohol
3What kind of a student are you?
It`s not like I`m bragging, but I`ve always been one of the best.
I hold my own in conversations with intellectuals as well as common folks.
Hehe...I like pizza.
4What kind of vehicle is for you?
A top of the line luxury car. Spare no expense, please.
Gas-guzzling SUV
She thinks my tractor is sexy
Daddy buys me whatever I want
There`s no need to drive. I can walk to the party!
5What are you like at a party?
I`m the big mouth that everyone is listening to.
I don`t get invited to parties. :-(
I`m social with just about everyone there. I`m everyone`s friend
Let`s get another keg!
I`m secretly plotting everyone`s death
6What colour fits you best?
A shade of gold
A shade of blue
A shade of red
A shade of green
7What mammal are you most like?
A vicious bitey one!
A cute furry one!
Strong human!
Screw mammals. Birds rule!
What was the question?
8What sport are you best at?
I`m the best at everything I play
I used to be good at a few sports, but that was years ago
Who cares about sports? There are more important things in the world, like money.

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