Warning! This quiz won't make sense to non-Alvians -- er, people who haven't seen the show. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Which Sealab 2021 crew member are you?
Warning! This quiz won`t make sense to non-Alvians -- er, people who haven`t seen the show.
personality test

1What are you most likely to be doing on a break from work?
Playing KNIGHTS OF NECROPOLIS! See, my character`s fourth-level, but after I play some more ... I`ll be fifth-level.
Plotting some kind of evil scheme to take over the world.
I think I`ll go relax in the pool for three whole hours.
I think I`ll go smash some equipment and scream.
Duh, fixing my hair!
2Would you put your brain in a robot body?
Only if I can be a robot cat!
Only if I can be an Adrienne Barbeau-bot. With hard nipples.
I already am a robot!
Sure! And I don`t NEED X-ray vision, either, `caue they`ll be lining up around the block to show their **** to MY robot.
Maybe ... I mean, I could have the strength of five gorillas, but I wouldn`t want to be so short!
3Are you smart?
Well, my fine education speaks for itself...
Of course I am! I`m a marine biologist!
Kind of. I`m more of a workable sort of smart. You know, nuclear bombs, evil schemes, that sort of thing.
Well, duh, I`m like ... the smarterest person ever.
4Pick a phrase.
"Hey! Check out this bitchin` homemade Tesla coil!"
"Uhhhhhh ... wait a second ... SEX!"
"Yeah? I don`t eat crap."
"Pudding can`t fill the emptiness inside me ... but it`ll help!"
"You`re supposed to go diving before you ... uh ... die."
5What`s your most prized possession?
My chair!
My ... uh ... back massager.
My Happy Cake Oven!
My five -- count `em, FIVE! -- PhDs!
Kill it! KILL IT!
6Why would you make a good parent?
I like to eat babies.
I`m a steroid freak!
Well, I do look good in a Hugh Hefner-esque robe.
I got the brains, baby!
7Oh no! Someone`s gone back in time and keeps cloning himself! What will you do?
Build a dodge ball cannon!
What ... what do you mean? FIGURE OUT SOME WAY TO STOP IT!
Madly accuse the clones of being dopplegangers.
Make the clones fight each other!
8Finally, if there were a bizarro version of you, what would they be like?
Like me, but with a pirate eyepatch.
Some kind of a ... turtle?
Like me, only sluttier. And with cool hair!
My disembodied head in a jar, of course.
White hair! And ice would fall from his mouth!

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