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Rorschach Inkblot Test
What do you see? (Answer Honestly for Accuracy)
personality test

1What do you see? (Pick the answer that applies best to your own thoughts)
Bat, Butterfly, Moth, Etc.
Demon, Angel, Cloaked Creature, Etc.
Alien Face, Creature Face, Weird Face, Etc.
Two Animals: Penguins, Dolphins, Etc
Anything of sexual nature: Women, Legs, Private areas, Etc
An inkblot.....
2What do you see? (Best applies from the following)
Two Humanoid Figures: humans, gnomes, clowns, etc
Two Animals/Creatures: bears, dogs, beavers, etc.
An old man's face or other old face.
A Scary Evil Face or Evil Creature.
Something of Sexual Nature: breast, private areas, women, etc.
A Spill that someone ought to clean up.
Bloody body parts or something gruesome.
3What do you see? (Best applies)
Humanoid figures and a butterfly
Animals: poodles, aliens, birds, ect.
Tux or clothing
Insect(s) or A very creepy image.
Something of Sexual Nature: Women, animals, aliens, Body Parts
Another Inkspill...
Meat in a butcher shop
4What do you see? (Best applies)
Animal Skin/Hide
A Giant Animal or Creature
An Evil Being
A Disturbing Face: Monster, Alien, Distorted, Evil
A plant or inanimate object.
Something of Sexual Nature: (You get the picture at this point)
Now that is totally an inkspill.
Body parts
5What do you see? (Best applies)
Bat, Butterfly, Moth, Bird, Etc.
Two Animals: Alligators, Rodents, Dogs, Etc.
Some kind of Face
Something of Sexual Nature: women, body parts, etc.
A Blob
6What do you see? (Best applies)
Animal Skin/Hide or Rug
Instrument: Cello, flute, violin, etc.
Insect(s): beetle, dragonfly, etc.
Something of Sexual Nature
Alien, Beast, Demon, Etc.
Ok, this one is definitely just a blob of ink.
7What do you see? (Best applies)
Two Animals: bunnies, dogs, foxes, etc.
Humanoids or human-like faces
An Insect or hands
The Human Centipede
Something Menacing
Something of Sexual Nature
Ink in a blot form
8What do you see? (Best applies)
Two Animals: lizards, bears, tigers, etc.
Armor, Corset or other clothing
People or a single person.
A creature's face
A Single Giant Animal
Something of Sexual Nature
A Big Mess
9What do you see? (Best applies)
Two Faces: Old people, Witches, Gnomes, etc.
Body parts
Sexual Stuff
An Evil Creature or Demon
Candle(s) other objects
Orange, Pink and Blue
10What do you see? (Best applies)
Crabs, insects, spiders, worms, etc
Alien Face, Evil Creatures, Demon Faces.
Decaying Bodies or Other Gruesome things
Sexual Stuff
People or Human-like Figures.
Someone better clean that up.
11Do to the complex nature of this Psychological test I am unable to accurately assess. Please take it with a grain of salt, It was made for enjoyment. Hope you had fun with it! (Response has No Effect on outcome)
I expect my outcome to be spot on!
Still looks like a blob

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