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Choices - Round 2
The quiz where you get to choose your own fate...answer wisely.
personality test

1-You run up the stairs. They are right behind you running slowly. You can hear their breath, as they get closer. Now their behind you…what do you do?
-Throw them over your shoulder.
-Kick them.
-Just stand there.
-Turn around and punch them.
2-Now the person is gone. They tried to scare you and succeeded but thankfully there gone now. You come to a door and look behind you. You see people. Lost people who need your help…you do?
-Screw them…. I don’t need stupid people around me.
-Just stare. How long have they been there?
-Start telling jokes so they calm down and know that you’re friendly.
-Motion for them to follow and open the door.
-Tell them to be quiet and explain to them how you got here.
3Opening up the door you see the old rotten body of the last person who died. Spiders crawl out of the half rotten flesh and a grin is on her face. Her dead hand is pointing to something. There are five objects on the wall… What do you grab?
-The lemons. They can come in handy, very handy is you know how to use them.
-Spider spray. It’s poisonous and keeps the spiders away. It’s a 2 for 1 deal. All right!
-Chain. Choke people, lock things, and use it as a whip yeah that could be good.
-Nothing. Hands are good enough.
-A book of jokes. It’s ironic, funny and painful at the same time.
4After grabbing your weapon you walk on forward. You come to a stop and theirs multiple ways to go… Which direction do you go?
-Through the ceiling. I’ll just have to be quiet.
-Through the ceiling. I’ll just have to be quiet.
-Stairs down to a cellar. I can protect my self from there.
-Just stand. There’s nothing else to do until I wait for someone to move first.
-Run around in circles frantically. Lost and don’t know what to do.
5You decided whatever direction you were going to go but when you took a step forward a trap came up. The trap grabbed you by your ankle and pulled you through the ceiling above you… What’s the first thing you noticed?
-Well it’s kind of hard not to notice the skull that’s right next to my head.
-The fire…it’s just so much like, fire…
-I don’t notice anything cause I’m searching for a weapon.
-The voices in the background. They want to kill me.
-At first it was the door until spikes came out of it…then yeah, new plan.
6So now you’re bored and have nothing to do. You’ve been trapped in the room for about 5 hours now and they’re this weird smell… What do you do to entertain yourself?
-Laugh at how stupid the idea is. How did I get here? As far as I’m concerned I didn’t do jack crap.
-Laugh because someone else is laughing. Its contagious, that’s all.
-Flip the person off whose staring at you. I am NOT an entertainment show. Thank you very much…
-Stare at someone. You’re bored and have nothing to do.
-Sing until thy heart is content!
7Now it is time to choose your leader. No one knows who should be the top and no one definitely wants to be the bottom… How do you choose?
-You don’t. Being by yourself is the best no matter how you look at it.
-Look around and volunteer. But you’re ignored at the end.
-Say that you’re the leader and you don’t care what people think.
-Just stay silent, in the end its all a game.
-Walk away while everyone is fighting. Stupid people.
8In the end no matter what you tried there was no leader. One person didn’t care the rest thought that it would be best if it weren’t them. Then one person left… Would you follow them?
-No. If I stay where I am I can assess the situation carefully…
-Why not. Aint like I got anything to lose.
-Debate about it. Is it safe or not safe…safe or not safe? Eh, whatever.
-Follow the person. This place is a dump.
-*Person that walked away*
9*Scream* everyone turns around to watch the person come back. She saw something that scared the crap out of her and now she’s telling you to run the other direction back… Do you run back?
-Well let me look at this. DUH!!!
-I WILL MOVE FORWARD!! *Laughs and thinks of a joke* THIS IS SPARTA!
-Do as she says, I’m not that stupid.
-*glares* probably saw a spider.
-*shaking in fear*
10Before you could even make a choice a trapdoor open at your feet. As you land on the ground you notice that you’re in a pit of darkness. The place you’re standing on is the only safe place. Which direction do you turn?
-I try and go back up, looks like the safest way.
-Carefully maneuver myself around.
-Go behind the person who’s moving slowly.
-Try to find a light source, not walking anywhere I can’t see.
-*throws a fit*
11You eventually found the right path after endless dead ends and tons of snakes. Its not that you’re scared of snakes, they just didn’t help you. Now you come to this room, it has five symbols on the ground. Which one do you stand on?
-The slug seems cool.
-The butterfly, its pretty.
-The salmon, taste good.
-The bear, they are strong.
-The eagle, simply graceful.
12As soon as everyone stood on the platforms a gas came out the walls. It knocked everyone out and now you’re in a dreamland. What is your dreamland?
-It’s confusing. I can see a lot of people…none I recognize.
-It’s simple, normal dreams.
-It’s made out of colors and patterns.
-I see demons this must be a nightmare.
-It’s empty; I don’t see anything but darkness…. maybe a person though.
13You see a person in your dreamland. How do you react?
-I don’t, they seem like everyone else.
-Just go with the flow.
-At least it’s not another pattern.
-She must be here to kill me.
-Follow her.
14Suddenly you wake up. Jolted by a loud sound you try and sit up quickly…but you’re in a different room. Where do you think you are?
-Home where I should be.
-My own personal hell.
-Did I die, is this heaven.
-Any place but “that” place.
-Probably still in the same house.
15The room then splits into five sections. Each person is carried in a different direction. Which way do you go?
-I’ll go straight.
-I’ll go left.
-I’ll go right.
-I’ll go back.
-I’ll go up.
16Halfway before you reach your destination you’re suddenly thrown back. Your going so fast time seems like its flying. Looking around you see all these people. What do you think they’re going to do?
-Help us.
-Watch us.
-Yell at us.
-Kill us.
17Each of the people pulls out a weapon, and is equipped with a bomb. Noticing your looks they start to laugh and shoot randomly. Who do you take on?
-I don’t take on anyone, are you insane?!
-Run at them and get shot a few times, take down the small chick.
-Take on anyone I can.
-Uses dead bodies as shields and stabs the tall guy.
-Make one of the bombs explode to kill everyone.
18As the bomb exploded everyone’s eyes went white and your hearing is now…well less than perfect. Will you get to safety, or stay?
-I’ll get to safety.
-I don’t know, so many choices.
-I’ll get to safety, people are sure to be around.
-Follow the person in front.
-Stay with the person behind so they don’t die.
19Soon people come. You know they are here to help you, you can see their uniforms. What do you tell them what happened.
-Exactly what happened. They need to catch the person.
-You screamed and screamed but they didn’t seem to acknowledge you.
-*Mumbles nonsense*
- Just stares and looks at the cops. They ask to many questions.
-Cry’s hysterically and refuses to speak.
20Once they let you go, and you’re free of all this horror. What do you do?
-Continue to try and talk to them.
-Run around like a maniac.
-Looks around, tired of everything.
-Go home…
21Did you like the quiz?
22Will you comment what I could of done better?
23Should I make a third one?
24Was this quiz better than the last one?

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