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What the judgement you pass says about you.
Everyone passes judgement on others, its only natural.
personality test

1This is a scenario question. You are new to school and need a tour, who would you rather take you?
Anyone that knows where they're going.
Probably the class rep or something, they'd be trustworthy.
I don't need some snobby class rep to show me the library, unless they' really want to be my friend.
I think everybody is good enough for me.
Maybe I could just score a map from the front desk.
2Tattoos, piercings, grunge, oh my!
"Oh my" is right, yeesh... Good luck getting a job.
Pretty neat, huh? I wish I knew how to make my hair stand up!
Everybody is nice and sweet at heart.
It's alright I guess, do your own thing just don't rub it in my face.
If that's what's in right now then cool, I'm game. But if not, then it's pretty lame.
3How do you feel about music? Do you think it affects how people are?
Music is music, it doesn't change people.
I think all music is good in its own way.
I think if it's a hit and everyone likes it, I like it.
Music is incredibly inspiring and changes lives all the time.
People like different genres but they all seem nice to me despite their taste.
4This is a scenario question. One of your friends shows you a new recipe they tried and wants you to taste test it and you never have before. What do you do?
Everything is good, so I'll try this and say it's good.
I don't know... I probably won't like it, so no.
I guess so, I won't know if I like it otherwise.
Do other people like it? I'll only try it if some one else does first.
How exotic! Sure, I love trying new things.
5This is also a scenario. There's a kid who is notorious for being weird and dorky. How do you feel about that?
If everyone else think's he's weird, then they're probably right.
No one likes him, so I don't like him.
Everybody's nice, there's no reason to worry.
That's not my problem, so I don't really need to get involved.
Aw! I should go talk to him and see if he wants to be friends.
6Last question, Do you think the way people dress defines who they are?
Yeah, if you dress like a freak then you are a freak.
Kind of, I mean, why wear a band T-shirt if you didn't like the band?
Everyone is special in their own way.
Yes, clothes help you express yourself!
People should wear what's trendy, otherwise you're an outcast.

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