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That night 2.....
You thought it was over, you were wrong.
personality test

1It's been a year since you last saw your little brother/sister. Your with your friends and family on a camping trip. Your sleeping in your tent when your woken by a pot falling, you
Get up to see what it is
Stay in bed, it's probably someone coming back from the toilet
Wake up the others, your still afraid of what might happen
Stay put
Hide in your sleeping bag
2Your mother suddenly comes into your tent and tells you she knocked over a pot, you...
Say alright and go back to sleep
Make sure all your friends and family were alright
Ask your mother what she was doing
3Your mother sees that you're suspicious and she explains she was taking pictures, when she left you alone you hear a faint scream coming from behind a bush past the river. You then,
Go to investigate, alone
Wake up everyone and all go together
It's just a bird
Scream and freaking! It's happening again!
4You end up going to investigate and all you see is your uncle Jerry lying in the river face down, cold stone dead. As you fight down the tears you see someone running away, in the distance. You....
Chase after them
Burry your uncle
Get all your friends and family together and go after the killer
Roast marshmallows and sing
5You end up all together going on a journey to unmask the killer. You come to a fork in the road, you...
Go right
Go left
Follow the tracks, duh!
6You end up going into a forest where you are then surrounded by wolves! You....
Scare them off with fire
Run the other way!
7Your cousin Harry freaks out, he is terrified of wolves so he runs away, back the way you just came from. You
Chase after him
Deal with the wolves
Scream and run with him
He's going to be killed anyway...
8Your friend Natasha, runs after your cousin. The rest of your friends and family deal with the wolves. When the wolves are dead or have run away, you see Natasha running back, holding her chest with her blood stained hand, you
Run to help her
Wait for her to come to you
Ask her what happened
Cook the wolves, I'm hungry
9After helping Natasha she tells you that somebody attacked her as she was trying to help Harry. She also said as she lay there bleeding the person who attacked her said that all of us would soon die. You,
Run and hide
Look around everywhere
Light a torch
Go to sleep
Tell everyone to stay together
10You survive the night and in the morning you count how many are still alive. Only four. You notice that your mother is missing, you
Assume she was killed by the murderer
Make a search party
Keep going, following the tracks
11You end up following the tracks back to the city. As you continue your youngest cousin says she has to go to the bathroom, you
Let her go
Tell her to hold it, the killer is around here somewhere
Get someone to go with her
12Your little cousin ends up goin to the toilet with your auntie. You and Natasha end up waiting in a tree. Sadly you hear two piercing screams, you and Natasha know there is no use in going to look for them, so you...
Wait in your hiding place
Pretend your a tree
Find a better hiding place so you can wait for the killer to leave tracks
13You wait an hour and then you come out of your hiding place. After a look around you see faint tracks, you follow them when you realize the tracks are leading to your house, you
Call the cops/police
Go to Natasha's house
14Natasha calls the police/cops,they soon arrive and surround the house. Five officers run into the house and come out with someone in handcuffs. Who is the killer?
Little brother/sister
Uncle jerry
Cousin harry
Little cousin

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