From the current three doctors I've picked some of my favorite monsters and aliens. Enjoy! Please comment! I want to know what my next quiz should be about! Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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What Doctor Who monster are you?
From the current three doctors I've picked some of my favorite monsters and aliens. Enjoy! Please comment! I want to know what my next quiz should be about!
personality test

1How would you take over the earth?
Take everything by force but I have to wait for people to blink.
Exterminating all other humans who don't agree with you!
Deleting all who objects you but those who agree will be upgraded.
Take over the government slowly but people won't remember you.
Disguise yourself as a high government official then destroy the whole earth.
In a great glorious battle!! It will be a honor to die for this cause!
2What do you do when you see the doctors tardis?
Circle around it and make your plan to steal it!
Blackmail the doctor so he'll give it to you. Isn't he quite found of planet earth!!
Upgrade enough humans to make an army than transport the tardis to your headquarters.
Take one of the doctors companions then when the doctor comes to save her steal it!
What tardis? I came to sell the earth for its rocks!
Make a great battle to win the tardis!
3The doctor is very mad! What do you do?
I don't care I'll kill him anyways but first ill take his companion and play around with her! One.
EXTERMINATE!! The doctor is back!! We must kill him before he destroys us!!
Upgrade him, emotions are very bad!
He'll just forget about us! I don't care.
Ill eat him and use his skin for a nice coat!
Defeat him in a glorious battle! The dead cant stay mad, can they?
4You see one of the doctors companions. What do you do?
Ill scare her and the doctor just to make him flustered
Exterminate her
Delete her but most likely upgrade her.
Take his companion and take her back to your headquartersnn
Make her into a coat to get closer to the doctor!
Challenge her to a great battle!
5The doctor has found you! What do you do?
Take him back in time and let him die slowly
Exterminate him but first taunt him!
Upgrade him to become our glorious leader!
Destroy him and his companions
He has seen us! Now he must die!!
I don't care if he sees me he will just die in our battle!
6The doctor has defeated you what do you do?
Hide away
This won't be our last time!! We did live through the time war!
We will upgrade and try again
Silence will fall when the question is asked
Hide as the prime minister
If I shall live I will kill myself! The dishonor isn't worth it!
7Did you like my quiz?
Maybe I'll like it if you made it during the 1600's
It shall be exterminated!
It could be upgraded
I don't care you'll forget that I took it.
It was quite good maybe I should use you as a coat since you know so much!
It was really good! You should join my glorious sontaran battle maybe even my army!

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