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Doctor or Vet?
Which job would best suit you?
personality test

1Do you like animals?
Yes. I love all types!
I don't mind them.
Only certain ones.
Not at all!
2Do you like socializing with people?
Yes! I could go on and on and on! Sometimes people find me a bit annoying.
Yes! Everyone says I'm good with people, especially kids. I am very helpful
I love talking with my friends but it takes a while for me to warm up to strangers.
Not really. I'm kind of shy and am not a major talker.
No way! I don't like talking to strangers. It's way too awkward!!!
3Are you good with kids?
YES! Everybody says I should be a teacher.
I think so. I don't mind kids but they love me.
I absolutely love kids. I'm nurturing and loving. I get along with them really well.
No way! Kids are spoilt brats and mess up everything!!!
Not really. They're too much work!
4Does blood disturb you?
Only when there's a lot of blood.
Yes. I get kind of queezy when I see large amounts of blood.
Not really. I don't really have any reaction when I see any amount of blood.
It depends what mood I'm in.
I am perfectly fine with blood. I almost like it.
5Do/did you get good grades in school?
I'm a straight A student or close to it.
I'm good at science and maths but struggle with other subjects
I'm good at everything but maths.
I'm good at everything but science.
I get C's and B's in a lot of my subjects.
I'm good at everything but science and maths.
6How long would you be willing to work to reach your goal?
Forever and ever! When I want something I will stick to it until death tears us apart!
I would work hard for a very long time. Not forever though, I still have to have a life.
I would work until I realise it's an unrealistic goal.
If I don't get it first try I'm going to forget about it.
If I try it and I don't like it, I will leave there and then.
7Do you want to work for money?
Well duh! It's not worth it other wise.
The money is good to have, but I would work for the love of it.
I don't care about the money. This job is what I really love to do. Isn't that enough?
I'm doing it equally for the money and passion.
I need to be payed well or else bye bye!

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