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Zombie survival quiz, would you survive?
would you survive?
personality test

1You first figure out about the zombie apocalypse, you don't have time to think so you grab...
A glock (5 mags) , ammo, and a tomahawk.
Some food, water, and a tomahawk.
A gallon of water, a glock (1 mag) , and some food.
A map, a AR-22. , and 1 jug of water (1.5 gallons)
Your car keys, and you get the heck out of there!
2You have your items and your about 1 mile from your home, and you decide to go... (If you drove off, you forgot to refill the tank)
To the nearest Walmart / store.
To the closest building you see.
Down the road... (keep walking)
To the gunshop close to your home, head back.
Threw the woods to the hospital for supplies.
3On your way to ______ you met 3 people on hoddies, they didn't look happy... And they looked like they had just killed a live person...
You pull out you (gun) and you shoot all the of them.
You let them take what they want and they leave...
You let them take some items off of you but shoot them as they walk away but shoot them...
You pull your melee weapon and swing it at the closest guy to you.
You try to run away as fast as you can!
4Great! You have no idea where you are, and you have no idea where you ran from, but there is a building up ahead about 200 feet...
*Head inside of building and prepare for looters*
*Scout the building for zombies or looters* (just in case)
Stay away from building because it was creepy.
5Ok, the bandits are here...
Shoot at them again.
wait until they pass...
Try to sneak past and start running again!

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