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Which British Literary Period are you?
Where in the British timeline would you best fit in?
personality test

1What`s the best way to treat your enemy?
Rip his arms and legs off
Challenge him to a duel
Make jokes about him he doesn`t get, but others will
Use him as an object of a lesson to teach others how not to act
2What are your views on faith?
There`s no God. There`s only what you do in this world. Your best chance at immortality is to be well remembered.
My faith is very important to me. I know what I believe and I am confident in my beliefs.
Religion should be personal. The powers that be are human, and fallible, (and often corrupt with power)
I`m pretty secure in my faith, I believe, but I have tough questions that I don`t know all the answers to.
3Nature is best described as...
a force to be reckoned with
beautiful. I feel most at peace when I am looking at something natural.
a power to be harnessed.
Shut the door! It`s cold!
4History should be recorded...
poetically. Easier to remember that way.
as it happened. Facts are important.
pretty much as it was, but if a few embellishments make a better story....
it can be revered, and used to teach lessons so we don`t repeat mistakes.
History, shmistory, look at that cool cloud.
5A good story should...
have lots of adventure, and action, and blood. Did I mention blood?
be a perfect balance of instruction and entertainment.
just be good--period. It doesn`t have to have a lesson.
be funny, and perhaps a bit bawdy.
be epic and grand, yet focusing on the everyday.
6Your view of society is:
I`m your man. If the price is right.
Serve those above, rule those below.
There are two types of people in this world. The haves, and whoever you other people are.
Societal classes are an evil that keeps people separate. Be kind to those beneath you.
It is a necessary evil, but one that should be carefully monitored.

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