A test designed to test ones ability to make decisions. Zombies are based on modern ones like in movies like Quarantine, 28 Days Later, and games like Dead Frontier.

*VERSION 1.15 ISSUED 7/25/11*
*TEST ID 201159*
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The Estate on The Hill, Chapter One Zombie Survival Test
A test designed to test ones ability to make decisions. Zombies are based on modern ones like in movies like Quarantine, 28 Days Later, and games like Dead Frontier. *VERSION 1.15 ISSUED 7/25/11* *TE (more)
trivia quiz

1A new virus strain has emerged around the world, turning infected into zombies. How do you choose to prepare?
Stock up on food, ammuntion, gas, guns etc.
Go play on your PS3/Xbox360
Run around screaming "WERE ALL GONNA FREAKING DIE!!1" like a total imbecile.
Kill yourself
Do nothing
21 week has passed since the start of the outbreak and the undead have reached your city. Choose a method of transportation out of the city.
Your own two feet
City bus/Amtrak/Train
350 miles out of the city, your SUV broke down and you have a critical choice to make.
Try to repair it
Take the bicycle out of the back and use it
Stay at your SUV
Head back to your home
4You covered quite a distance, but now 15 zombies are approching you. How will you deal with them?
Run away
Shoot their heads
Fight them with your fists
Eat a sandwich you packed
Hug them
5After dealing with the zombie threat, you continue on, and come across a gas station, there is a car parked there, no zombies, and two survivors. You have 5 choices before you.
Ignore them
Join them
Kill them
Head into the adjacent convenience store and gather supplies, afterwards moving along without them
Steal the car
6You have once again come across zombies, this time 30. They are now attacking the only female in your group(Assuming the person answering the questions is a male) and you must save her.
Shoot the zombies, killing the girl in the process
See if shes hot then save her if she is by pulling her away
Ignore her and leave her to die
Sacrifice yourself to save the woman
Steal her ammo, weapons, and supplies
7Afterwards, the rest of the zombies were killed and 5 survivors join your group, 4 soldiers from the US Army and 1 child. Now you must find a place to make your camp. Your convoy contains the survivors car and a military APC (Stryker IAV)
Abandoned estate in an abandoned small town, 750 miles away
The gas station you visited earlier, 115 miles away
Stay put
Large city(not the one you started in) 500 miles away
Large refugee camp(300 people) 400 miles away
8While en route to your destination, you come across a group of bandits, who fire at your group. None of your trio is killed or injured, but you are pinned down. Find a way to kill them.
Abandon the car and escape in the Stryker, leaving your supplies behind
Man the TOW Missile system mounted on the APC
Fire at them
Run away on your own, abandoning your teammates
Eat some food
9While trying to reach your destination, another problem arises. One of the survivors in your group has caught avian influenza(bird flu, H5N1). If not treated he could die. There is a hospital up ahead, but it is infested with zombies!!
Storm the hospital with everything you have, leaving one survivor to guard the sick person
Sneak in by yourself and try to find the cure for the bird flu
Kill the sick person and move on
Leave them behind and move on
Move on without taking any actions
10You have finally reached the countryside estate, and settle down there. However, two days after arriving there, a MASSIVE horde of 500 zombies is seen approching from 2 miles away.
Stay put and wait for them to come
Go and fight them down in the fields
Use the three TOW missiles left on the Stryker and kill the rest
Use the TOW Missiles on the Stryker and wait for the rest to come.
11After dealing with the zombies, two weeks pass without anything happening, but then three survivors turn up. What will you do? Your food supplies are also low and letting in more people would mean you would have to feed more people.
Check them for bites and let 'em in if theyre not bitten....
Kill them
Hide so they wont see you
Tell them to screw off
Give them some of your precious supplies
12The next day you go into the town to find some food. You find a supermarket and its time to find some food.
Take the half eaten steak sitting on the conveyor belt
Take the candy
Take the canned meat and the canned vegetables in isle 7, along with water and milk in isle 12.
Take the rotten tomatoes in the fruit section
Take a shopping cart and bring it back to the estate
13On your way out, 5 zombies are on the other side of the street. When you shoot one in the head, he doesnt die, and the 5 zombies charge at you with unbeleivable speed. You run and notice the car driving away.You climb onto the roof,but are surrounded
Kick them in the groin
Grab their neck and push them over the edge head first, doing the same to each one
Run away
Jump off
Take a grenade, pull the pin and run straight into them.
14You kill the 5 zombies and now must find a way back to the estate.
Steal a motorcycle
Stay put and wait for your friends to come
Hotwire a car
Use the foldable bicycle in your backpack
15You made it back to the estate. *20 YEARS LATER* 20 years have passed, all zombies were eventually killed, and it is time to rebuild society. You sit on the porch of the estate, with your friends, drinking wine and watching the sun set...........
Option 1
Choose Option 1
Or else youll get points taken away from your score
Im warning you now
Better choose it.......
16A convoy of heavily armored vehicles moves down the road. You and your team try to stay down. The soldier to your left takes aim with his rocket launcher, and fires at the lead truck. What happens next is up to you.
This question is a prolouge to the next chapter in this series.(NOT AN ANSWER)
Have the sniper eliminate the machine gunners on each truck, then shoot the rest.
Run away
Take cover behind the burning truck and fire on the enemies
Charge with bayonets fixed on your rifles, trying to take the enemy position
Tell the enemy to surrender then come out into the open to capture them.

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