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Pessimist, optimist or realist?
Which type are you?
personality test

1You start work/school at 08.30, this morning you wake up at 08.45. Whats your first response?
I am calling in to say I`am sick. I could use some rest.
"OH MY GOD!! My boss/teacher is going to kill me."
I am calling to tell them that I will be late. There is nothing else I can do. Everyone can oversleep.
"Well, it could be worse. I could wake up at 09.00"
I go up from bed and go to work/school and hate myself for being so stupid for oversleeping the rest of the day.
2Your girlfriend/boyfriend calls you at the middle of the day and says you have to be home early `cause (s)he has something important to say.
Great, (s)he`ll have some wonderful news to tell.
No! (s)he`ll have some horrible news to tell.
(S)he`ll have some news to tell, thats all.
(S)he is breaking up with me.
3How do you see your life in ten years?
I am happily married and have some wonderful kids and a good job.
I haven`t changed a bit during these ten yeras. I will be where I am now.
I am dead. Probebly caused by suicide.
The world has come to an end, and I am one of the few survivors. But I rather be dead.
I don`t know actually. Anyway I will be glad to find out.
4You have just became unemployed. What`s your reaction?
It`s a great oppertunity to take care of somethings at home.
I will find a new job soon enough.
I will never find another job.
Everything is going to be all right. It will take sometime, thats all.
5You and your girlfriend/boyfriend had a fight. How do you see the outcome?
It`s over. It`s definitly over.
Every couple have a fight once in a while. It`s nothing to worry about.
What doesn`t kill us only makes us stronger. It`s good to have a fight sometimes.
(S)he better apologize. `Cause (s)he did wrong, if (s)he don`t I am breaking up with him/her.
It was both our fault that we had this fight. Let`s us both apologize and forget it.
6What`s your motto in life?
Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it.
Never try, `cause trying is the first step to a failure.
Forgive and forget.
7Whats the most important for succsess?
Your own ambition.
Your own ambition and some luck.

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