Which class best suits you in the mystic world of Dungeons and Dragons? A brave fighter charging across the plains lance in one hand sword in the other? Or a Rogue, who's never seen until your dagger pierces the enemies throat? You decide. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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What D&D class are you?
Which class best suits you in the mystic world of Dungeons and Dragons? A brave fighter charging across the plains lance in one hand sword in the other? Or a Rogue, who's never seen until your dagger (more)
personality test

1You enter a new town, what's the first thing you do?
Look for a tavern, it's drinking time!
Find a temple to pray in.
I hate towns, too many people, I'd rather run with Wolves
An Arena of course, I need to hone my skills, can never be too prepared.
Scout for shops to rob, you should've known that idiot.
Look for a library to study in, knowledge is the key to victory.
2What is your melee weapon of choice?
Bastard swords and great-swords, a shield if the enemy have archers.
An axe, a flail and my fists!
Dual wielded swords and daggers
Maces, morningstars and warhammers
Ugh but I don't need one? But if I have to pick I'd choose a quarter staff...flaming quarter staff
3What is your ranged weapon of choice?
Longbow or shortbow.
Javelins and throwing axes
Fireballs, lightning bolts, ya' know, things that go BOOM!
4What kind of magic equipment do you wear?
Magic armor and weapons of course
Rings and necklaces to enhance my skills
I am magic! I don't need magic gear you imbecile!
What? That fluffy flutter? muscles and tattered loincloth's are my magic!
5What creature do you summon to help you in battle?
I work alone, end of story.
A wolf... or maybe a bear?
My brothers in arms, they'll have my back, if not then my squire will.
A demon from another dimension, cute isn't it?
A hellhound or an elemental
6You are surrounded by an army of Orcs, lead by Trolls. There is no escape, what is your course of action?
Fight to the last breath! Maybe I can distract them long enough for my allies to escape
Get pissed, tear a tree out of the ground and beat them all to oblivion with it.
Heal and buff myself and my party members and prepare for battle.
Throw a flashbomb on the ground then escape into the shadows while they stumble about.
Run until I find a suitable ambush spot. Hide in a tree and shoot them down from a range, surprise!
Summon every creature you can possibly think of, you have an army of your own!
7You find a man on the ground dying, he's been bitten by a werewolf and the full moon is coming? What is your decision?
Cut his bloody head off! I hate werewolves!
Leave it to the wiser members of the party, my duty is defending them not playing God.
Treat his wounds to the best of my abilities. I know a few medicines that might cure it.
Heal him with my magic, the evil in him cannot withstand my power.
8The world is in chaos, evil demons have invaded the world and brought back the terror of the Tarrasque! What do you do?
Gather every woodsman, yeoman and bandit and form a task force, hit and run tactics will win the day
Muster an army of mercenaries and soldiers for battle, with tactics and unity we can win this!
Pray to your deity then prepare for battle along with every other holy warrior, justice will be done
Join all the mages in pooling together your magic powers to summon a thousand gold dragons to battle

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