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What's your fighting skill?
Title says it all...
personality test

1Your country is in the thick of war. Where r u?
I'm in the thick of the battle chopping of heads.
I'm safely stored away in the forest gathering information bout the enemy.
I am high up in the cliffts shooting volleys of arrows at the enemy.
You are helping clean up the stable and you trip over a haybale.
You are using your magic abilities to put a force field around your army.
2There is thought to be treason in the monarchy...what are you doing about it?
You are talking to the court to save your beloved King.
You are unaware of such things you live only to serve.
You are desperately using your magic to find suspects!!
Of course it's you and your gang we can thank for the unrest in the castle
You listen to castle gossip and are slightly unnerved.
3You're faced with a stranger at a crossroads they know your name....
They are dressed like a commoner. You politely ask them what they want and be on your way.
You draw your dagger, you do not know this person they may be dangerous to your cover...
You use magic to see if they are gifted or if their intentions are true.
You strike a polite conversation you're not that dangerous this close...
You aren't at the crossroad you're at the stables!
4Where do you live?
A lean to in the forest with my gang
Anywhere,most likely on a hill or cliff with a good hunting forest!
A hut on the outside of a village
A castle or a fief.
A stable.
5Which weapon do you choose?
A sword or a battle axe
Dagger and poisoned darts.
Long bow and arrows or a crossbow
A gnarled old walking staff with magical properties
A broom or possibly a shovel...
6Who are your friends...?
Knights and nobles.
I have no friends, I have allies
My hunting partner, other commoners
Few friends, dragons,griffins, the likes
Horses and mice other commoners
7What are your dreams?
Hunt for all eternity with your favorite bow
Be a hero, slay a monster save the kingdom
Spend your life in the woods living against the laws
Be the most powerful sorcerer to walk the earth.
Someday be the main holster of your stables

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