Most people drive themselves about. Some people drive other people about. Whoever you drive, and wherever you go, it says something serious about your sex life! Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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What does your driving style say about your sexual habits??
Most people drive themselves about. Some people drive other people about. Whoever you drive, and wherever you go, it says something serious about your sex life!
personality test

1Do you own an electronic navigational system?
Actually, I do! If I can just find it under all this crap in my car.
But, of course, I own one! It would be silly to try and get somewhere without it.
Oh, that`s far too fancy for my tastes.
Yes! It really helps cut time out of my traveling.
I just use a map...
2What sort of car do you prefer?
Something that runs.
Something with the latest gadgets so my trips are easier.
Something with a fantastic stereo system!
Something sleek and speedy!!
Something with good gas mileage and good crash testing.
3What`s the best automobile compliment you have ever recieved?
"Wow, you really shaved some time off our trip!"
"Your new car is so effing hot!"
"You`re pretty resourceful. I`m suprised you figured out how to duct tape on your hubcaps!""
"Thank you so much for giving me a ride, you`re really swell!"
"I feel so safe riding with you."
4What`s the worst automobile insult you have ever recieved?
"I`m so not riding in this heap of crap."
"Thanks for destroying the ozone, jerk!"
"You drive like you`re eighty years old."
"Why can`t you just use a damn map?"
"Your driving makes me really nervous."
5How did you get your first car?
I worked hard at a steady job to get it.
My parents bought it for me.
I worked some odd jobs for it, and though it was a clunker, it has a place in my heart.
I`m still working to get a car.
6What kind of bumper stickers do you have?
I don`t put bumper stickers on my car.
I have some of local bands, and political causes.
I`ve got some from ages ago still back there.
I`ve got some of this totally hot band!
My car is a collage of bumper stickers!!
7Do you use your turn signals?
Why wouldn`t I use my turn signals?
My what? Oh! You mean my blinkers! Well, duh! When I remember to, I use them!
If there isn`t anyone behind me, then I don`t use them. What`s the point? It`s just a waste of time.
If I can remember to...
8Someone pulls out in front of you, nearly causing an accident, what do you do?
I swerve past them and honk my horn while leaving them behind!
I quickly tap my horn so that they see the error of their ways.
I would more likely be the one pulling out... Um. Sorry, guys!! I`ve just got a lot on my mind right now, okay?
I was watching blocks ahead and barely flinch.
I tap my horn so they see me, and react quickly to avoid an accident. I`ve driven long enough not to freak out at this sort of thing.

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