A largely innaccurate quiz I have made from a random collection of songs I've discovered through an internet radio. I hope it cures a little of your boredom, although you're probably sick of quizzes like these anyway. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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What random song defines your pain?
A largely innaccurate quiz I have made from a random collection of songs I`ve discovered through an internet radio. I hope it cures a little of your boredom, although you`re probably sick of quizzes l (more)
personality test

1Ready for quizzical enjoyment?
Yes sir!
Meh, I think I`m just going to make my own quiz.
What the hell? "Quizzical?" What the hell kind of a word is that? You`re not even using it right!
Might be fun!
2So, favorite color?
No preference/Rainbow
3It`s time for a hypothetical situation!
I have no desire for hypothetical situations!
I have advice: Find a hammer. Beat yourself with it.
You do that. I think I`m going to go pop some zits.
4Alrighty. Somebody throws a rock at you. You:
Yell at the guy and tell him to shove that rock where the sun don`t shine. Then you proceed to do it for him.
Don`t care and continue to sulk.
Run of crying. I`ve been such a good person! How could anybody hate me?
Realize I would have done the same thing. I`m so terrible.
Find a bigger, heavier rock and give him a concussion. Then, I kill him
5Soooooo, what did you do today?
Oh, you know. Hung out with my friends, and then I went over to another friends house and we had a sleep-over.
Nothing anybody would care to hear about.
I think I killed a guy for giving me pizza when I ordered calzone. The bastards.
Put on make-up. Then I realized it was 8:00 and went to my date. He/She ran off... again.
Went to work. Told a guy to either buy something or leave. He did neither, so I stole his wallet.
6I`d say this were the last question, but you know it`s not.
This isn`t even a damn question! Words cannot express how much of an idiot you are!
Yay! More questions! I`ll stay here all day!
I don`t really care at all.
Just shut up already, my god.
It`s because you hate me isn`t it?
7These questions have been fairly pointless huh? This is pretty much the last one, except for the actual last one. My question: Favorite musical mood of these?
Something dreamy and mellow.
Something harsh that I can also sing to.
Something light and happy.
Something angry.
Something sad.
8Did you like the quiz?
It was... bearable
Like it? I loved it like a fat kid loves cake!
It was alright, but I can`t help but feel like option 2 is making fun of me.
I hated every moment of it. I can`t even believe I haven`t left by now.
Make a better quiz next time you brat!

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