Find out which of my Sonic fancharacters you're most like! Keep in mind that this quiz has nothing but my fancharacters in it. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Which one of my Sonic fancharacters are you most like?
Find out which of my Sonic fancharacters you're most like! Keep in mind that this quiz has nothing but my fancharacters in it.
personality test

1If you were in a fight and one of your friends was surrounded what would you do?
Go help them! I can fight them off.
Try to assist them by freezing the ones surrounding them.
I knew this was coming, and I know how to deal with it.
Friends? Do I have any?
Try to sneak away while everyone's distracted.
Slash the enemies until my friend can get free!
2Which one of these would be most likely to become your quote?
Always be yourself in everything you do. After all why pretend to be someone you're not?
Don't fear the future and don't hide from the past.
Live for today; look towards tomorrow!
Seek your answers. They're always there even if you have to search a long time.
Look out for number 1; don't bother with others.
You don't need to be loyal to anyone but yourself.
3What is your favorite color?
Dark purple.
Red rules!
Dark blue.
Light blue.
4Which weapon would you prefer?
A katana with some very special attributes.
Weapon? I don't fight.
My natural abilities.
Gimme a gun.
Knives. ^.^
5What's the best thing about you?
My loyalty to friends.
My intelligence,
My determined personality.
My willingness to hold things back that'll help people in the long run but won't help them right now
I don't know.
My ability to manipulate others. (What you didn't say it had to be something to help others.)
6How would you prefer to die?
Helping my friends.
Not knowing when it's going to happen to me.
I don't care how I die. I just want it to be after I've found my answers.
I'd prefer not to die.
In full comfort.
7What's the worst thing about you?
I can't resist jumping into a fight.
Sometimes I keep a secret for too long.
I act childish.
I'll leave behind someone that was helping me.
I'll do anything for my answers.
I'll betray anyone if it means I get closer to what I want.

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