Have you got what it takes to get to the top of the business world, or do your talents lie in being a team player?  Take this quiz to find out! Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Would you make a good business manager?
Have you got what it takes to get to the top of the business world, or do your talents lie in being a team player? Take this quiz to find out!
personality test

1How important is status to you?
Very important: I like to feel that I`m in the top echelon
Quite important: It`s important to be in with the "in" crowd.
It`s more about quality relationships than where you fall within those relationships.
Status isn`t very important: I just want to get on
2In your youth, how did others see you?
The leader: Feared by all
The funny one: Adored by all
The thinking one: Listened to by all
The shy one: Prefered to go unoticed
3In the office, do you come up with new ideas and suggestions?
Often: being careful of personal and political issues.
Rarely: I always wonder if it`s the wrong thing.
All the time: I really let everyone know what I think
Quite often: But not at all if it would mean upsetting someone.
4A collegue has been criticised for shoddy report writing. You:
Take them out to chear them up.
Tell them how they should have done it better.
Offer to proofread their next effort
Nothing. You have your own work to finish.
5You`ve just received some negative feedback. How do you respond?
Listen carefully, but come away feeling disappointed and rejected.
Become defensive, perhaps even angry.
Sigh and think, "yeah, that`s me."
Focus on ways you can change to ensure that it doesn`t happen again.
6Faced with a problem to solve, what do you do?
Figure out what the right answer is.
Geenrate a few different solutions and ask others what they think.
Brainstorm with a few colleagues.
Seek your manager`s advice.
7Your boss has asked you to do something that is beyond your abilities. You:
Take it on with gusto. You`re up to anything.
Give it your best shot, making a passing joke not to blame you if it goes wrong.
Agree to do the task, but request further direction and assistance.
Stress ou, and finally admit that you won`t be able to finish.
8Delegation is:
A waste of time. You can do it faster and better yourself.
An easy way to share the workload.
Something you receive a lot of.
A way of training others.
9To you, change means:
Something to go along with.
An opportunity where anything can happen.
Something to control.
A chance to make progress.

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