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Could you survive a zombie attack?
Zombies are attacking - what would you do?
personality test

1You are at Wal-Mart at 3:30 when you hear screaming. What do you do?
Nothing, somebody slipped.
Check it out. Be cautious.
Try to see if you can see what happened from where you're at.
Go check it out while holding a frying pan.
2You turn a corner when you see a woman covered with blood. What do you do?
Kick her and run.
Knock her out with your cart.
Ram her with your cart and run for the guns.
3You get to the gun section. What do you grab?
Get the biggest gun and run back to the girl.
Grab a rifle and load it taking your time.
Grab a rifle and load it quickly.
Grab a rifle and set up a base camp out of carts in the bathroom.
4The girl finds you, (Or you find the girl.) What do you do?
Remember that you forgot to load the gun and run!
Shoot until she falls down and run.
Shoot her until she falls. Shoot her some more, then run.
Shoot her until she falls then chop off her head.
5You get out of the store and drive home noticing other blood covered people. What do you do?
Cower in fear.
Floor it.
Floor it, hitting as many as possible.
Floor it, hitting them all!
6When you get home you turn on the news. It says that you should stay indoors - you...
Cower in fear in the panic room.
Grab food, a gun and gas. Road trip!
Get bare essentials (food, water etc.) and pick them off out the window.
Grab bare essentials and go outside making a base camp out of wood and metal.
7A few zombies find you. What now?
Shoot and run.
Grenade time!
Let them fall into the hole I made in my spare time.
8You head for the car (If you're in the car you apparently got out.) What do you do?
Drive off a bridge.
Drive out of this godforsaken town!
Get my buds and set up base.
Grab my buds and drive as far as the car will take us.
9You find an illegal weapon shop, you can take 5 items. What do you take?
Don't stop driving!
Guns and ammo.
Get guns, ammo, grenades, and a claymore.
3 claymores and some ammo.
10The zombie race has died down a lot, there are only about 30 zombies left, what do you do?
Look for survivors. (Just me.)
Take a few people to look for survivors
Stock up on guns and ammo and look for survivors with 3 others

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