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What type of Warrior Cat are you?
Find out if you are a kit, apprentice, warrior, leader, traitor, kittypet, or loner.
personality test

1You are a kit in your den. You:
Stay in the den
Keep your brothers and sisters in the den with you
Make sure no one is messing around and help clean up the dens and make it neater
Sneak away and feast on the fresh kill pile
Try to stop your friends from getting away, then realize you can't and stop.
What den? I live in a nice HOUSE!
Watch how a medicene cat is helping the cat next to you
Eat all the milk you can
2You are an apprentice. Today you are free to do anything!!!!!!!! What do you do?
Sneak into shadow clan territory and steal prey
Train a little and snooze for the rest of the day
Snooze in your house and munch on cat food
Gather herbs
Think. Your clan needs some help. Plan some new startegies
Train with your mentor
Hunt for your clan
3Your clan is starving. What do you do?
Run to the fresh kill pile and feast while you can!
Go take some food from twolegs
Hunt some rats at the twoleg barn
Hunt till you drop
Hunt til you drop and make sure everyone is fed before you
Suckle on some fresh milk
Catch some birds and a mouse or two
Gather some herbs that can be eaten normally
4In a battle, you:
Attack the other clan leader and risk everything!
Fight with all your strength till you lose your life!
Join the other clan, their winning!
Run away to a twoleg
Gather herbs for cuts, scratches, infections, other
Sleep in your den with your mom
Fight apprentices
Beat a few warriors, then rest when you got a few cuts
5How do you plan to be clan leader?
Kill deputies till ur the one, then kill the leader
Fight bravely and be loyal
I will be myself
I don't want to, I want to learn medicene
I will try and catch a mouse for BlueStar, then give up.
I'd catch some voles for BlueSTar
I'd steal food from the twolegs that feed me and please BlueStar with the amount
6You must choose who to save
Yourself, since ur the deputy and it's ur leader's last life,
I will save which ever saves my clan.
Yurself, since ur scared
Myself, duH! I never signed up for clans!
My leader, starclan is asking me too
Myself! i want mama!
My mentor??? Then I can be a warrior???
My leader is always first.
7Some fierce cats say that they will save your clan from BloodClan if your clan volentiers someone to be killed. Who do you volentier?
Not me! *Runs to den*
Stand still and hope they think ur a tree
Run away and ditch ur clan
"This is a job for a leader..." And sigh, hoping that ur leader will get killed and ur gona be one
StarClan has said I should go.
Nut me nut me nut me>.< Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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