Have you ever wondered, "am I a Jag, Lamborghini, Station Wagon..."? Well you're about to find out Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Which car are you?
Have you ever wondered, "am I a Jag, Lamborghini, Station Wagon..."? Well you're about to find out
personality test

1You are asked to personalize your car, do you.....
go black on black (black leather interior, and black exterior)
do red leather interior, black exterior
go black leather interior, red (or gold) exterior
do tan "carpet" interior, tan/goldish exterior
do gray/silver leather interior, silver/chrome/metallic exterior
2Where you popular in school?
of course I was, I got straight B's too
yeah, high school was so easy because everyone loved me!
duh! I'm European, people loved that
no, I was the nerd in school
hey I did'nt go to high school, my dad was too rich for that, and when he died I got the company
3What kid of job do you want/have?
I own a restaurant in Beverly Hills
I'm a mechanic, I love workin on my cars and get paid for it
I work over seas (hush hush)
I'm a stay at home parent and take the kids where they need, I guess you could say a taxi driver
uh, hello, I just told you I run the company now
4What's your favorite place to be/favorite thing to do?
just crusin the streets
workin on my cars
where ever there is a party on the beach!
watching my kids play sports
spendin my money, gettin the girls (or guys) showin off to my peeps
5What do you look for when you buy a car?
that it runs, and if it doesn't, I can fix it (its a win-win)
an exotic look and speed
size and gas usage (i can fail on my taxi driving business)
luxury, whats a car with-out all the stuff?
6Manual or Automatic?
Automatic, all the way!
Manual is th way to go!
7How clean/neat are you?
very! I'm not sloppy because it's just nasty
a few oil splatters here and there
please, neat as can be, never been cleaner
it comes to me naturally
I have people for that!
8How was this quiz for a first quiz? (will effect your score, but not by much)
you did pretty good
not bad, could do better
hunny! you got a knack for this!
sweetie, you did great
you need help

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