Better than any Scientology stress test. Also I won't try to make you buy a book/join a dumb cult at the end. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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How stressed are you?
Better than any Scientology stress test. Also I won't try to make you buy a book/join a dumb cult at the end.
personality test

1How big is the bag/briefcase you take to work?
My bag exceeds the size that most airlines allow for use as cabin luggage.
Pretty large, as I often take work home with me.
Holy crap... work!! I knew there was somewhere I had to be today.
Just big enough for my lunch and my PDA, that's all I need.
Just big enough for my magazines and portable gaming consoles.
2How many hours sleep per night do you usually get?
I get about 4 hours a night, it's enough.
I can sleep 10 hours a night, no problem. I'm usually exhausted by the end of my day.
I usually get around 8 hours sleep a night.
I can sleep any time, anywhere, at will. I'm a snoozing machine.
I sleep about 6 hours a night, but rarely for more than 2 hours straight.
3Do you ever have problems sleeping?
From time to time I do, but it never effects me for a prolonged period and it's never that bad.
Doesn't everyone?
No, I have problems staying awake.
All the time. I'm prone to nightmares and insomnia.
No, I've got a really good night time routine. If I do have trouble sleeping, it's extremely rare.
4Have you taken time off work in the past due to a stress related illness?
5You were supposed to give a presentation in a meeting 10 minutes ago, where are you?
Still at home, I overslept.
In the meeting, 8 minutes into my presentation.
Still preparing the presentation I'm going to make in above mentioned meeting.
At home, about to pull the greatest sickie of all time.
In the toilets, throwing up.
6Complete the sentence: When everyone else is freaking out, I....
... am probably not there.
.... probably instigated it.
.... wonder what's happening.
.... am quietly putting plan B into action.
.... am secretly quite pleased that finally someone else is as stressed as I am.
7When you make a mistake, do you...
I don't make mistakes, it's always someone else's fault.
Realize your error very quickly but spend a while wondering if you can blame it on someone else.
Get told about it by someone else.
Tell someone as soon as you realize something isn't right.
Chalk it down to experience, learn from it and try not to do it again.
Worry about it until it reaches crisis point, then tell someone.
8You're having a panic attack...
Monday, 10:55am, like clockwork.
Friday, 16:45pm, like clockwork.
No, I'm not.
... and I feel like I'm about to die.
I put my feet on the floor, shoulder width apart, and take several deep breaths until it passes.
9How much free time do you have?
Basically.... all of it!!
Evenings and weekends.
Very little, there's always something I have to do.
It varies hugely depending upon what is going on at work.
Including school holidays? Loads!
10Do you consider your current employment to be a job or a career?
I'm unemployed
11Complete the sentence: When I am unhappy, it is because...
I make myself unhappy.
Work makes me miserable.
I have to go to work.
I'm tired, stressed out, dangerously underweight and my spouse is about to leave me.
I'm not unhappy, I'm fine, everything's fine. Lets move on to the next question shall we?
Someone is late. That is damn rude.
Of something that is really pretty minor when I put it in perspective.
12Do you ever wonder if you're going crazy?
13Select the sentence you feel applies to you the most
I cry, regularly, for no apparent reason.
I'm out of my depth at the moment.
My colleagues don't rely on me for anything.
My colleagues rely on me too much.
I find it very hard to separate my professional and personal life.
14What do you hear most often from your co-workers?
If you carry on like that, you're going to give yourself an ulcer.
Okay, okay, I'm sorry I said anything. Jeez.
It's okay, we weren't expecting anything.
Thanks, it's appreciated.
You are the most organized person on the planet.

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