Everyone's a flirt. Even babies and puppies are flirts. What kind of flirt are you? Take the flirt quiz!
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whats your flirt type
Everyone's a flirt. Even babies and puppies are flirts. What kind of flirt are you? Take the flirt quiz!
personality test

1 You really, really want to hang out with your crush this Saturday. How do you do it?
By asking
By organizing a night out with friends and inviting your crush along.h
By figuring out where they're gonna be and trying to be there, too.
Knowing how things usually go with you, it won't happen no matter what.
by telling her to meet you at the mall alone and you bring a bunch of your buddies.
2Give something to someone you like:
A rose, left on their desk before they come into class.
A mix CD of songs you think he/she may like
One of the homemade eclairs you made for everyone in your French class.
some chapp stick (Ooh la la)
a bananan
3Okay, now get in touch with someone you like:
Call them from a blocked number and hang up without saying anything.
Tap them on the shoulder
Send them a friend invite on youthink
Create a fake profile and terrorize them with fake PM's.
make ferineds with him/her and ask him/her out in time
4Who are you crushing on right now?
A friend
A celebrity
A friend of a friend, or a friend of a friend of a friend
A little bit of everything
my cute/hot teacher
5Do you flirt with people you don't want to date, just because you like to flirt?
All the time
Sometimes, just for practice
I barely even flirt with the people I do want to date.
No, I only flirt with people I like
yes because i know it gets on thar nervs
6You're at the mall with your friends, and when you turn the corner into Hot Dog on a Stick, you nearly collide with your crush. You:
Are mortified
Play it off with a joke about hot dogs on sticks.
Introduce your crush to your friends.
Grab some napkins and help your crush with the mustard stain all over his/her shirt. (Whether there's a stain there or not.)
go and buy him/hera new sheirt (expencive)
7Go on a first date:
Movie theatre, last row. (Ooh la la!)
A varsity football game
A loud party
A quick lunch between classes
a dublle date with buddies
8Pick a party game
Spin the bottle
Truth or Dare.
strip poker
9What's your favorite place to get dates?
The internet
Your school
The beach.
Underneath your window. With water balloons.
in the library (private becides the librarian)
10Finally, pick an end-of-the-first-date hug:
A big, friendly bear hug.
Sexy and sultry - it's gotta lead to a kiss.
A polite, see-you-again hug. Nothing risky.
A hug that's just long enough to plant a kick-me sign on their back.
fell arownd his/her back and go lower
11last question did you like this quiz (dose not efect the out come)
hell yah
just get it over with

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