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What is your ideal man style?
Sure, these are huge generalisations, but MEH!
personality test

1What is your man most likely to be found doing on a Saturday?
Tampering with his new computer
Drinking beer and watching the game
Trying out a new hair gel
Spending time with his mates before coming home to have a nice afternoon with you
2You`re out at lunch. He orders:
Steak and chips
Salad with low fat Italian dressing
He doesn`t go out but has reheated pizza
Good old sandwich
3Favourite colour?
Blue, the generic boy answer
Aqua or teal, he just can`t decide!
Gigabyte green
Neutral white
4On Valentines Day, he gets you...
Some more RAM on your hard drive and an eCard
Valentines Day?
Some new shampoo and face wash that you can share
A bunch of pretty flowers and dinner
5His sock drawer is...
Organised according to colour, length and pattern
An absolute mess with odd and unwashed socks everywhere
Pretty normal
Is half socks, half pocket protectors
6His friends...
are mostly guys he`s met through work or school and he regularly goes down to the pub with them for some `guy time`
Are all online
A nice bunch of guys
All have nicer hair than your friends
7Oh no! The sink is broken! Your man...
Gets online and searches either for a plumber through online classifieds or telephone records or finds a site where he can download how to DIY
Calls for an attractive plumber with nice arms to come and fix it
Gets down and fixes it himself. Naturally his crack is showing
Has a crack and doing it himself, but calls in a professional to make sure it`s done properly. He offers to let you use his sink until yours is fixed
8A celebrity I would describe my man being like is...
Brandon Flowers
Seth Green
Jake Gyllenhaal
Chuck Norris

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