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Which European country should you visit?
7 possible outcomes!
personality test

1OK, first of all: Reason for your visit?
Political Issues
Business: I want to order a big-ass machine for my company...
Business: I have to do some banking business...
Doing drugs and having fun
I want to eat some cookies...
2How much time have you planned in for your visit?
One week
Three days
Ten minutes
3What do you like doing during your free time?
Chilling at the beach
Going to the Opera
Doing drugs
Watching a football game and drinking beer
Tasting the best chocolates ever
Shopping, checking out the newest fashion trends
4What kind of weather do you prefer?
Predominantly sunny
Predominantly rainy
5Which food would you choose out of the following?
Something with my special mint sauce
Something savory and if possible with potatoes
Seafood, salads, tapas...
Pizza and pasta with pesto!
Something for real gourmets...
Cheese! I love Gouda and Maasdamer and stuff!
French fries
6Which of the following would you rather want to see?
The maybe most romantic city ever
Historical buildings which you know from history class for sure and blue beaches...
The main EU administration buildings
Modernistic but old cities and the most various landscapes
The flattest landscapes and the most liberal cities
The most active clubbing scene in Europe, cities influenced by the romanticism, WWII monuments...
The biggest and probably most modern city in Europe
7Final question: You don´t care if...
The mafia kidnaps you
People refuse to even try speaking english
The weather is constantly rainy
People have a little "cold" personality
It´s crowded because there are too many tourists
You return home a little fatter becuase you have eaten too many chocolates
All of a sudden, the dams break and you drown in the sea
If it starts raining cookies
8Will you rate and comment?
Of course I will!
Ja, kein Problem!
Pues claro!
Oui, bien sur!
sì signore!
Ja, ik zal het doen

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