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Whats your dream job?
Find out what you should be when you grow up, depending on your personallity.
personality test

1It's a beutiful day out, what do you do first?
Get my camra and some friends and take some pics.
Grab my friends and a ball and play some type of sport.
Stay in my room and model some clothing i made up. Of course my friends will be the judge.
Im heading to a concert or im the act in the concert.
Im going to the candy shop and loading up on sweets.
2Theres a talent show at your school and your teacher asked you to be in it, what knid of act do you do?
Rocken out on my guitar.
Showing off my candy clection.
Ill show my many pictures that i took.
ill be modeling my awesome clothing line.
showing how many soccerballs, basket balls, and footballs i have
3If you could wear what you wanted to school for one day, what kind of outfit do you choose.
My (basket ball, soocer, football, ect.) jersey.
Oh-No what am im going to choose, i love all my outfits.
maybe ill print my fav picture i took on my shirt!
my shirt would deffinatly have a guitar on it!
a whole bunch of candy would be hangin off me.
4its the last day of school, how are you going to make people remember you.
take a picture of my self and hand it out.
Bet my worst enemy in my favorite sport
I'll do a modeling show.
Play some tones on my guitar.
Hand out candy.
5Your in trouble, what does you mom take away.
My camera
My scetch book with all my fachion design
my guitar
my candy
the winning ball in my game.

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