The world is run by many different individuals. Some benign, some hostile. Some smart, some not so. But what if you were a world leader? What form of government would you be holding the reins of? Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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What sort of world leader would you be?
The world is run by many different individuals. Some benign, some hostile. Some smart, some not so. But what if you were a world leader? What form of government would you be holding the reins of?
personality test

1You have just gained control of the government. However recent polls indicate the opposition party is slowly growing in strength. Do you:
Make an example of them. Eradicate them.
Get your spies to dig through their trash til they find some damaging evidence.
Who cares? As long as I`m rich!
Send them off to the east. Let them think about their actions in a prison cell.
Begin a campaign persuading the people that the opposition are worthless whinges.
2Your neighbouring country`s leader has publicly stated that they are `not happy` you are in power. Do you:
Ensure them that you have both countries interests at heart and overtime wish to build a meaningful relationship.
Quietly remind them your army is much larger than theirs..
Higher a PR firm to better your image.
Launch a propaganda campaign letting your people know how evil your country`s neighbours are.
Send your troops in to deal with this trouble maker.
3What plays a greater part to your country?
Prestige, Respect and cultural influence.
The Military.
The Economy.
The People.
4The people of your country should:
Be lucky to have you as their leader.
Work hard in life so they can achieve their own personal goals.
Invest all their strength into the homeland.
Fight to keep their identity in a culturally clashed world.
5Another country is threatening to put trade embargo`s on your country if you don`t cease the production of plutonium. Do you:
Assure them that it is only for `civilian` reasons and let them inspect at will.
Let your advisors flip a coin and decide what to do.
Threaten war to any country that dare intervene with your governing policies.
Make a pact with another world country that can ship it to you in secret.
Tell them to butt out and worry about their own country.
6There is a small island located about 200km`s away from your country. It has a supply of oil that could last us over 100 years. The only problem is the native inhabitants on the island. Do you:
Let them know about the joys of money and exploit their island.
Primitive people have no rights when it comes to land. But they could be put to use on the plantations back home.
Invade. Kill anything that moves.
Try to establish a food for oil deal.
7Your country:
Is home to the master race.
Needs more freedom.
Is greater than any other.
Is so big, I can`t run it alone.
8Who is more willing to get the job as `second in command` of your country?
A family member.
Your best mate.
Someone with the qualifications.
An army general.
A talentless actor?
9In times of war, you find yourself:
On the front lines controlling the battle.
Way, way down hiding in a bunker.
In another country.
Rallying the people with your war cry.
10Your capital city is building a monument in your honour. You order them to build:
A giant statue of you in the town centre.
A palace that surpasses Buckingham.
A squadron of bombers.
More factories to house the unemployed.
A state of the art prison.

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