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What Kind of Movie are You
See if your the romance type movie or action.
personality test

1Theres an chance to go on the andventure of your life, what do you do?
What else, im going.
I rather stay at home with my boy/girlfriend.
ill go, but i have to crack some jokes.
please, i rather stay at home and gossip with my friends
not going, have a concert to go to.
2Some guy/girl just asked you out, what would you do?
Make a joke out of it.
Say NO, i already have a boy/girl friend.
Why not, ill say yes, maybe something good will come out of it.
say no, and then go to my friends house and talk about him.
Punch him in the face for even looking at me.
3Your teachers play Romeo and Juliet, what do you do?
Kiss my boy/girl friend the whole time its playing.
Talk with my friends about the guy sitting two rows down.
Cry through out the movie, Shhhhh this is my favorite part!
Replay the movie in my head with a whole bunch a action.
ill pay some attention, but my head keeps wondering back to that joke my friend told me.
4Theres a talent show at your school, what act are you doing?
I'll sing a romantic song.
Im doing stand up comedy
I'll do karate
Tell a whole bunch of my friends secrets.
I'll replay one of my favorite plays.
nothing, im the person in the crowd that laughs at all the people making a fools of themselfs.
5Your parents left you home alone for a day, what do you do?
Throw a party!
Invite a few friends over so i want be lonely.
Invite my boy/girl friend over so we can have a make out sesstion.
Crack myself up by making funny noises.
Prank call everybody in my school.

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