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How SCENE are you?
Awesome hair, perfect makeup, the best music- are you a true scene kid?
personality test

1What bands do you listen to?
Aiden, We the Kings, Jeffree Star, Metro Station
Misfits, Germs, Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Dead Boys
Lifehouse, Rihanna, Green Day, Usher
Drop Dead Gorgeous, Alice in Videoland, Breathe Carolina, Math the Band
Atreyu, Silverstein, Glory of This, Homegrown
2Who’s this scene queen?
Brookelle Bones
Dakota Rose
Jac Vanek
Zui Suicide
3What does your hair look like? (this is me in the pic)
Long, worn straightened, natural color or dyed a natural color
Shortish and shaggy, layered, any color, bangs
Short and bob-like, natural color
Longish with lotsa short layers, bangs, more than one color, black, or bleached white
Medium length, slight layers, worn very teased, any color
4Wear any makeup?
Duh! Everything from lip gloss to false lashes, everyday
Just eyeliner and mascara or nothing
Eye shadow, lip gloss, mascara, just the basics
Crazy colored eyeshadows and eyeliner, lotsa eyeliner
Heavy cat-eye makeup done with eyeliner
5Where do you shop?
Hot Topic, online, and Tilly’s
Online, thrift stores, and I make stuff too!
Anywhere at the mall
Hot Topic and Spencer’s
Department stores
6Your everyday outfit consists of...
Bright colors paired with black, lotsa cute girly accessories, clashing patterns, skinny jeans
Tee shirts, jeans and sweats, not too worried about my appearance
Band tees, dark or bright colors, skinny or bootcut jeans, beanies, comfy hoodies
Trendy outfits found at the mall, anything fashionable but not too flashy
Hello Kitty stuff, bright colors, tight skinny jeans, scarves, tiaras, and the occasional tu tu
7Who's your scene queen?
Audrey Kitching
Zui Suicide
Kiki Kannibal
Brookelle Bones
Jeffree Star
Dakota Rose
Hanna Beth
Dani Gore
Jac Vanek
Never heard of any of them before
8And finally, how do you feel about cupcakes?
Over it!
Lemme take a pic with it!

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