This is to see if your really racist or could care less who is black,white Mexican or green. Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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How racist are you?
This is to see if your really racist or could care less who is black,white Mexican or green.
personality test

1What do you feel about interracial relationships.
You wanna beat the hell out of both of them.
Roll your eyes and say ewww.
Act as if you didn't see them.
It doesn't phase you because your not racist.
Say that you are happy for them because everybody deserves somebody.
2Do you feel that every race should stick to their own.
Yeah because any other way would be crazy.
No but for me I feel that I would stick to my own race.
I really don't care.
No because love is everywhere.
No but everybody has their own opinion.
3If your friends are making racial slurs towards other people of different race.What are you doing?
Doing the same thing ha ha ha.
Saying what they are sayin just to fit in.
I'd just wouldn't say anything at all.
I'd tell them to stop doing that stuff.
I woudln't have to do anything because I won't have those kinda friends.
4If you saw a real good looking girl/boy would you still go for her/him even if she/he wasn't your race.
Hell no I love my beautiful black/white etc. women/men.
It's not that I wouldn't I just feel comfortable with my own.
Sure why not.
Yeah I would anyday.
5When you see black shows come on at night what do think?
Think that it shouldn't be on at night or morning.
Laugh and say still standing deserves to be on air then urban styles(A black TV show)
You think to yourself and say damn that is weird but say nevermind.
Say that's not right and protest against it.
Say that's horrible but what can you do.
6In the NBA there is about 75% more blacks than any other race.What do you feel about that.
Say I don't know why blacks can't play any better than whites etc. no way.
Say that's the way it should be blacks are way better.
It doesn't bother you,you are a fan of the NBA regardless.
I have love for all NBA players,white,black,etc.
Whatever it is,it's fine with me.

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