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Would you make it out alive in war
Can you make it out alive???
personality test

1Your being ambushed from the rooftops snipers are killing your squad wut do you do?
Throw a smoke moving up to get a shot at them
Start shooting up at the rooftops
Flank around the buliding to surprise the enemy from behind
hold a nade in your hand and kill your self
call a air strike on the rooftops
order your squad to dig in and then fight them off like that
order your private to hand you a 50cal
Tell your private to run around to try to get a better shot at them
Run at the building and storm them
Pop a nade up there
2Your squad is about to storm a room you...
run in guns blazing
You order your private to open the door and you throw a nade in there and kill the people in there
pop a smoke in there and kill everyone
knock on the door then hide when the open the door kill them
run in there naked
put a charge on the door blow it and run in gun blazing
you rappel in with your squad and take them out from behind
Have a sniper take them from out of sight range
Call in a heli
order in squad to run in
3Your almost out of ammo so you...
flank around with your combat knife
start throwing nades everywhere
cry like a little girl and run off
call for tanks
order sniper support ,dig inand fight for your life
call a heli in but has low fuel
retreat and lead them into a trap where there are abrams(tanks)
4You have to protect your squad to get supplies what would you use
M1A1 Abram (tank)
Block3 Apache (Heli)
On foot with 2 Humvees
Give them sniper support
on foot
Sneak around back with flash hiders on
ride in a Humvee with low fuel and walk the rest of the way
wait tell its dark and suit up in gille suit and go from there with flash hiders on your snipers
call headquarters and ask for back up
call for a pick up
5Last one.You and a private are the only ones alive in your squad would you
carry on the misson
shoot yourself
try to make it to the enemy base to use the radio headquarters for backup
radio headquarters for a pick up and abonden mission
call a air strike and kill all the hostages
NUKE EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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