Remember to use proper etiquette throughout this quiz.
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How mannerly are you?
Remember to use proper etiquette throughout this quiz.
personality test

1You're on the bus ride home, and you're sitting next to a person who, unfortunately, has a horrible stench. How do you react?
Say, "GOOD GOD! WHAT IS THAT SMELL?!" and wrinkle your nose the entire trip.
Say nothing, and try your best to not make faces.
Offer them a gift basket containing sweet smelling perfumes, deodorant, and lotion.
2You just finished listening to your friend screech out a soprano song at her recital that quite frankly, wasn't meant to be sing that way. As soon as she's done, what do you do?
Boo and cover your ears.
Clap awkwardly along with the rest of the audience, or don't clap at all.
Applaud as loud as you can; your friend needs the support and the audience needs motivation.
3You are in a hurry to exit out a door, and someone is following behind you. Do you...
Say, "After you," and proceed to hold the door for them and those who follow in a patient manner.
Hold the door for them, but then leave it to them to hold the door for the others.
Slam the door in their face, you have no time to waste.
4You're meeting your boy/girlfriend's parents, at a very fancy restaurant. How often do you embarrass yourself?
Never! That fork is for the salad, that one is for dessert, and I won't eat until the others do.
I'll try my best not to, and I'll remember to say "Please and Thank you"!
No problem, I'm full of compliments. "What a nice moustache you have Mrs. Smith." *burp*
5Your friend is still recovering from a bad breakup and comes to you for comfort. You...
Give them some sympathy and encourage them to move on.
Hang out with her/him to lift his/her spirits and talk about all the good things about being single.
Let him/her cry on your shoulder while you text this guy you just met.
6It's your birthday, but instead of the gift you hinted at for weeks, your grandmother gave you a hideous sweater she made herself. You thank her by...
Write her saying how thankful you are, and wear it everytime you see her.
Send her a quick thank you email and make sure she doesn't find out where you hid it.
Grunt ungratefully and play tug-of-war with the sweater.
7You are interviewing a senior citizen about a very boring subject. You...
Listen carefully and ask him/her lots of questions.
Try your best to maintain your interest, sneaking a peek at your watch when they're not looking.
Yawn and interrupt them constantly.
8Your sports team just lost. You are disappointed...
but I congratulate each winner with a smile.
but I shake hands with the winners, and pout just a little.
and I slap their hand away while cursing under my breath.
9Are you ready to see your results?
Why yes! Thank you for this lovely quiz.
Yes I am.
Yeah yeah, get on with it. I wanna make my mama proud.

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