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Biffa`s sizzling SEX SURVEY survey.
It`s the most intimate sex survey survey EVER carried out. I want you to reveal ALL...
personality test

1How often do you and your partner fill out sex surveys?
Once or twice a month
About once a fortnight
Every Sunday morning without fail.
2What is the most unusual place you have filled out a sex survey?
On the kitchen table
The backseat of a car
On an aeroplane
3How old were you when you filled in your first sex survey?
18 or older
Between 14 and 16
Under 14
4If your partner wanted to fill in a sex survey, but you weren`t in the mood, what would you do?
Tell them you had a headache
Complete the survey reluctantly, answering questions half-heartedly
Fill in the survey to the best of your ability in order to give your partner maximum pleasure.
5Have you and your partner ever experimented during sex surveys, with a different pen, for example?
Once, but I didn`t like it.
Yes, all the time.
6Before actually ticking the boxes, how long does your partner spend on survey foreplay, reading the introduction, looking at the pictures and running through all possible answers?
5 mins or less
10-15 mins
20 mins or more
7Which sex survey position do you like best?
Your partner holding the pen, with the magazine open on a table
Your partner holding the pen, the magazine in his lap
You holding a pan, your partner sitting on the couch
8To your knowledge, have you or your partner ever faked an answer during a sex survey?
No, I don`t think so.
No, definitely not.
9Have you ever paid somebody to fill in a sex survey with you?
No, but I`m lying.
10Which of the following would be your ultimate sex survey fantasy?
Filling in a sex survey with the movie star of your dreams
Filling in a sex survey in a public place, like on a train, where the risk of being caught adds to the excitement
Filling in a sex survey with an entire sports team, in the showers, all of them taking turns at answering the questions

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