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What Animal are You?
Find out what animal you're most like.
personality test

1What's your favorite color?
2You got invited to a party. What are you doing and who are you with?
I'm in the corner by myself, drinking punch, and watching people dance.
I'm grounded..
I'm out there dancing! Where's the fun in going to a party if you don't do anything?
Heh.. I'm out flirting.. ;D
I'm standing around, chatting with people. We're having a pretty good time.
I'm waiting for the party to end, I didn't even want to come in the first place..
I'm with a few of my friends, we're dancing a little bit, but not much.
3You're out at a sporting event, what are you going to see?
Football. Definitely football.
Wrestling! Oh, or boxing!
I'm at a track meet, watching people run.
Is dating a sport?
Lacrosse, it's interesting enough.
Hockey's nice to watch. Or maybe soccer.
4Somebody's on the ground, and they look injured. What's the first thing you do?
... *passes by*
Jeez! What happened to you?
Oh.. are you okay..?
Pfft.. *under breath* you probably deserved it..
Hey! Are you okay? Somebody! Call 911!
*points and laughs* Hahaha!
5Think back to around 3rd grade. Where did you usually stand in line?
In the middle.. usually with everyone else.
In the front, of course!
I used to be in the front. Until I let my friend budge. Then he let his friend budge. Then I budged.
I was usually closest to the teacher, listening to what she/he had to say.
In the back.. I didn't really like it in the front. It was really loud.
Wherever my ..victims.. were.
6Say somebody insults you. How do you respond?
Pfft, who would insult me?
That's it! Let's fight! You and me, right now!!
Ignore them and walk away, unphased.
..Don't ever get near me again.
You blush and run, trying to cover your face.
I'd insult them right back! Nobody talks to me like that.
7You get an anonymous love letter.
Oooh.. the poetry's so nice..!
Alright, who's pranking me?
.. *tosses it to side* I've got more important things to do.
Oh.. *takes the time to read it carefully* that's nice. At least they took the time to write it.
I think I know who wrote this.. oh, but they'd be much better off with ___.. I should hook them up!
Awesome! Can't wait to find out who wrote this! I wonder if it's ___...
8What are you eating for lunch today?
A salad, like usual.
A sandwich, of course.
Probably some chicken wings, and maybe a hotdog.
Hamburger and a soda.
Venison (Deer meat) that I killed myself.
Not sure.. I'll probably eat whatever's around.
9You and your friend get into an argument.
I hope we can still be friends..!
I make sure I get the last word, no matter how dirty I have to play to get it.
If they won't budge, than there's nothing I can do. But i'll try my hardest to fix things.
There wasn't much of an argument. They started talking and I left.
Fine! If that's the way they feel, then why do I need them anyway?
I'll compromise. Why waste a good friend over a fight?
10When first meeting someone, you tend to come off as..
Serious. That's how I usually am.
Friendly! But I can be a bit annoying.. as long as you don't mind my rambling.
A little quiet and shy.. but I'm really kind!
Haha, I'm just a big goofball. What else is there to say?
Some people think I'm mean, but I just don't see it.
Probably laidback and calm.. maybe a bit apathetic

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