I got tired of the usual "do you get butterfly's" questions, so I made my own quiz.  Disclaimer: Pictures were taken off of Google Images.  Also, this is just my opinion on the subject of love, so it is not 100% accurate, obviously.   Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Are You REALLY in Love?
I got tired of the usual "do you get butterfly`s" questions, so I made my own quiz. Disclaimer: Pictures were taken off of Google Images. Also, this is just my opinion on the subject of l (more)
personality test

1Do you think you are in love?
Yes, of course
Why do you think I am taking this quiz?!
Nope. (me: why would you take this quiz then? yeesh)
2do you know the person's full name?
Yes. duh.
yeah, read it on their drivers license
No, who cares what their name is? I love who I love :P
Umm, first name yeah, middle name no, last name...umm...?
3Have you been friends with this person for awhile?
Yes, several years.
No, but that doesn't matter.
yeah, a few months at least.
No, I just see them around school/work/etc
4Do you know what this person likes to eat/drink/etc?
yeah, we're friends, so we know stuff like that about each other
Yeah, read it off of their webpage
No, but finding things like that out is what eternity is for
5what do you do when you are together? (the majority of the time)
make out/sex/kiss etc
hold hands/watch movies/just have fun
talk about anything and everything
N/A (hardly get to see/hang out with each other)
6If you are having a bad day, who is the first person you call to cheer you up (be honest)
This person
another person
no one. you hold it all in.
7can you talk about anything around this person?
yes, even if they don't understand fully they always care
Yes, I trust them wholeheartedly
No, I wouldn't want to lower their opinion of me.
Never. Not in a million years would I dump my problems on them.
8If this person needs help with schoolwork and you are busy (schoolwork also), what do you do?
Drop everything and run to help them.
Help them if you're able, but let them understand that you both need to work on your own things.
Ignore them. They can take care of it themselves
9If they didn't/currently don't love you, and have other plans for the future that didn't include you, what would you do?
Force them to see things my way!
seduce them to your way
If it is for the best? let them go...unwillingly of course...
Cry...a LOT. Throw a fit. See the good in it. Let them go.
psh, who cares? let them go.
10What is on your mind the majority of the time? (when it comes to them)
romantic getaways, sex, etc.
Living day to day with your best friend by your side.
getting married, the white gown, etc
just wanting to have a good time while it lasts
11How old are you? (don't yell at me, yes when it comes to love age isn't THAT big of a deal, but it does make a difference, because people do change a lot in their early years)
less than 13
12If they come to you hurt or crying your reaction is:
Whoever hurt them shall DIE!!!!! *runs off with weapon*
calm them down, get a reasonable explanation and plan actions from there
Calm them down and make them forget their troubles from there
close the door on them. (me: remind me again why you're taking this?)
13Do you get jealous when others pay them attention?
*big green monster suddenly appears* ARG!! YES!
Yes, a little, but if it is meant to be than it is meant to be
Yes, a little, but I trust them. because what is love without trust?
Umm no? Never.
14Do you take time to see each other? Even if it means ignoring your other friends?
Psh, what other friends? who cares about them? Me and my bf/gf are all that matter
We spend a lot of time together, but group activities are welcome too
I'm all about group activities.
I don't really make time for them, THEY should make time for ME
15are they your best friend? (best friend as in, both of you consider each other best friends)
Yes, always and forever :)
Best friend of that gender, yes.
Nope. I consider them my best friend, but the feeling isn't mutual
No, don't really care anyways.

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