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Would you survive a zombie attack?
Take this quiz and find out!
personality test

1You were watching TV and a reporter tells you that zombies are attacking. You...
Kill yourself
Call up your friends to see if they are all right. You locked the doors and windows and grab a gun
You go to your friends house so they can protect you
Stupid teenagers!!
2You open a window (after you unlock it again) and look outside. You see abunch of zombies coming toward your house. You....
close the window and Invite them in for a drink
Throw an old shoe at them
Lock your window and call your friend to come over
Make cookies
3You finally get away from the zombies at your house, but see a zombie eating your neighbor, you...
Ehh leave him/her. They are already dead anyway
Shoot the zombie and then your neighbor
Go over and bite your neighbor too because you never really liked him/her
Shoot the zombie and try to help your neighbor
4Where do you go now?
Burger King
Your friends house
The police station
5You go to your friend's house and they have been bitten by a zombie, What do you do?
Shoot them
Eat them, since you are a zombie =D
Stare at them and run to your Other friends house you popular devil ;D
Run up and hug them and ask them how they've been
Throw your other old shoe at them
6You find a group of children in a small shed, you..
Tell them to come with you
Stay with them so you can protect each other
Bite them rawr
7The children turn out to be zombies and are chasing you down, You...
Blow them to bits with a bomb you just happen to have
Invite them to your house for a dance party
Run and Run and Run till you're out of breath
8You fall asleep only to awaken to zombies bitting you, You............
Bite them back. What now Sucka!!
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH blow them up along with your self
Shot their heads off
9You manage to make it to the roof of a house and when you look off the edge, you see abunch of zombies eating a small group of people, you.................
Take out your phone and record it so you can put it on youtube (if you survive...)
throw another bomb down there
Try to spit on the zombies heads
Snipe them off one by one
10If you were the last zombie in the world and if you didn't die, then the rest of the world would get infected, you would...........
Kill yourself
Ehh oh well. I Want to live!!
Have someone else kill you
Make some more cookies

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