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Which kind of cookie are you?
There are five cookies. Which one are you?
personality test

1It is your 21st birthday. How do you celebrate?
Call up all your friends!! It is party time!
Your friends already made special plans for you! So you are going to be suprised!!
I am going to sit at home and watch TV or play on my game system.
I will go with the flow, if my friends want to go out cool. If not oh well.
I will give hints to my friends that I want a birthday bash.
2Your friends invite you to go sky diving. What do you say?
Sounds like fun. Let me check my calendar.
I have to prove to you guys that I am not a chicken!
pshhh I don't have any friends who would want to do that!
Heck if you aren't paying. Why not?
Hells yes! I have always wanted to do this!!!
3Your lover offers to buy you any cosmetic procedure that your heart desires. What do you say?
I dont have a lover.....
Dont you love me for who I am?
Yay! Now I can have the busty bikini figure I always wanted!!
I think I would rather have a tattoo!
Well what would you change about me?
4How do you feel about summer?
I love summer! Time for sun tan lotion and the beach!
I hate summer. cool weather is my thing!
Its okay.
Summer is great for outdoor activities! I love it!!!
I pretty much like all the seasons...
5It is your moms 50th birthday. What do you buy her?
A pair of tickets to a NFL game. She better take you!
Nothing. I dont even talk to her.
A gift card to target. That way she can get what she wants.
I buy her that little hand bag that she always talks about.
Whatever is on clearance. I am a bargian shopper!
6Your 16 year old sister is having a baby. How do you feel about it?
You are going to have your hands full sis! Good luck to ya!
I cant wait to find out what you are having a buy some cute little clothes!
I knew you would get pregnant. hooker.
Oh my goodness. Have you told mom and dad???
Woo hoo I am going to be an aunt or uncle!

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