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Family Guy Phrases
Do you listen closely to family guy?
trivia quiz

1Peter: Meg...
Where have you been?
Who let you back in the house?
Why are you here?
2Irish Midget: So you got a tank, big whoop...
Gonna Kill me?
You want to go?
Wanna fight about it?
3Stewie: you know veronica, a bullet sounds the same in every laguage so...
Shut the f*** up you cow.
stick a f****** fork in it you cow.
Shut it.
4Quagmire: Giggitey, giggitey...
all right.
oh yeah.
5Peter: Chris i got you a bullfrog and i...
poked some holes in the box so it can breath.
Poked some holes in its back so it can breath.
Gave it some water so it can breath.
6Lois: Chris, how was your time at the zoo...
Elephants are bigger in person.
Giraffes have long necks.
I saw a kitty.
7Lois: Peter she's having a baby...
Oh, yeah.
Oh, right, gotta go.
Oh, right, and a kids meal.
8Peter: It was his sled from when he was a kid...
Just saved you two long nude-less hours.
There just saved you two long boob-less hours.
There, just saved you two long hours.
9Peter: Three days...
Thats tomorrow!
We don't have much time!
10Peter: Well i may be an idiot but there is one thing i am not sir...
And that sir is an idiot.
And that sir is stupid.
And that sir is smart.
11Stewie: Lois, Lois, Lois...
mommy, mommy, mommy
Mom, mom, mom
mama, mama, mama
12Greased Up Deaf Guy: You can't catch me...
I'm touchin all your stuff.
You never gonna catch me.
I'm touchin all the candy.
13Chris: I dont have to listen to you! your a dog...
Your not normal.
You are the devil.
You have no soul.
14Brian: If dogs aren't supposed to eat dental floss out of the garbage...
They why do they make it.
Why do they make it mint flavored.
Why do they make it taste so good.
15Stewie: You just got here. Email me my email is...
16Peter: Brian, there is a message in my alphabet soup it says ooooooooo...
Brian: Peter those are Spaghetti O's.
Brian: Peter, those are cheerio's.
Brian: Weird.
17Peter: I know what you want, you want a buttrace...
First one to the bathroom wins. GO
First one to the basement wins. GO
First one to the kitchen wins. GO

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