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Which Miley Cyrus song are you??
i love miley cyrus.... which song are you?
personality test

1how do things usually go when you meet or see your crush?
you love them and hate them... they have goods and bads, everyone does
you have no idea how to talk to them and you make an a** out of yourself every time
Total connection.You were made for eachother and you both know it...
You totally tease him/her. They dont know much about you and you want to reamin a mystery to them.
You dont have time for a crush, your too busy partying with you girlfriends
none of the above
2How do people react when they see you with him/her?
They dont bother us becuase they know we're soul mates!
I always make people feel uncomefortable especially my crush
I only think about the guys i dance with when im out, and everyone knows not to mess with me.
They usually either see you crying or upset becuase of him, and your always pointing out his flaws.
No one has any idea that you two are ecven together, and neither do you... he knows nothing od you.
none of the above
3How quickly are things moving between you and your crush?
Too quick for me too really handle. I dont know how he could like me! Im so wierd..
We see eachother everyday and we talk every second, we are totally in love!
Your still trying to play the mysterious type and you think its working, he wants to get to know you
I only do one day or dance things with guys, but im not a slut...(usually)
Your still kinda confused because it like he has split personalities, but you cant help but love him
None of the above
4did you like this quiz? (this will efect your outcome)
it was okay
i didnt really understand it
could of been better

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